We do it
all over Europe

Our headquarters is the very center of the country (Poznań),
but specialised kanguro trucks drive throughout Poland,
Germany and Great Britain. We often relocate
customers' goods all over Europe, to move
them back to Poland in a few years.
With the same attention, we move things
two streets and two countries further.


Removal experts

Can you be a removal expert? Of course!
Only there are not many such people
- and certainly not those who are
improving for years, gaining customers
all over Europe.


We have been
specialising in
moving homes and
businesses for
12 years

These 12 years are a time of constant
development, gaining experience, which
can not be replaced, training and improving
in the art of moving as quickly,
careful and clever like a kangaroo.

A lot of people could do removals

Not many can do it properly::
• without losses
• without stress
• without delays

Improvised, stressful relocation begins
from packing boxes. Wrong. They should start with the plan.

What and how will we pack first, how will we secure it?

How do we know what happens next? How will we protect the most precious things?
These are the questions the Kanguro team is asking.
Thanks to that, we turn stress into success.
This is one of the many benefits you get,
when you hire professionals who love their work.


Trust is something you have to earn, but you can not sell it.
That’s why Kanguro is not only a service but a duty.
Our work is more than packing and moving furniture and boxes. It is a concern for entrusted property, fair
and from the beginning transparent terms of cooperation,
warranty in writing and in a word.
These are values that are very important to us. We trust people and we want to
earn their trust.
In this sense, moving is a public trust service. We understand it well.

Listen to our clients

So - when would you like to move?

Let's talk about it.

We look forward to hear from you,
Kanguro team