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Move in one jump

Kanguro Storageit will fit everything

Kanguro are specialists in large quantities– packing, moving and storage.If you need more space, you’ve come to the right place:

Storage for private people

Ideal for people who:
  • waiting for a new flat or which need to be secured for some time (eg longer than expecting renovation)
  • leave for a long time, and it is not profitable for them to rent a flat just to store their belongings
  • do not want to keep occasionally used equipment at home (eg sports or building)

Kanguro offers a discreet and simply way to fit everything that is not at home. Instead of throwing or selling, treat your new storage as an extension of your home. It’s like you suddenly got a few new rooms or a basement.

Storage for business

Ideal for companies that:
  • are moving to a new office
  • they do not want to rent a larger office just to keep rarely used equipment there (eg equipment for trade fairs)
  • it is more convenient for them to keep the equipment out of the office
Kanguro’s greatest scientific discovery —saving space = saving time.Organise more space with one click free yourself from the excess of things that limit you.

Storage with Kanguro offers:

  • full insurance
  • discounts on long-term rental
  • protection against moisture and dirt
  • 24/7 security
  • possibility of securing the load with protective materials
  • transport to and from the warehouse throughout Europe
  • complete confidentiality (Kanguro employee and clientare the only people who have access to the storage)

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