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Moving from
to Germany:
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If you would like to become a Berliner
for a while or for longer, or just to live
among the best organized people on Earth,
you are on the right page.
Everything will start with a good move.


When you are
moving to Germany

everything need to be perfect and solid,
and that's what Kanguroo is like.
We are the best at low cost man & van UK
to Germany!
If you want to change England for Germany
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We specialize in
small and large
removals, full load
and part load
service all over
europe for 12

These 12 years are a time of constant
development and cheating an experience
that can't be done by anything replace,
train and improve in the art of moving just
as quickly,safe and smart like a kangaroo.


Moving to Germany
with one hop

What Kanguro makes us stand out moving
man &van is a good team that has been helping
for years customers in a convenient move and low
cost removals UK to Germany.
We are fast, friendly and good at moving
to Europe.

How could we name it differently?
Kangaroo rocks!

Removals to Germany

Listen to our clients


Change England to Germany with ease:

Because Kanguro believes in order

Ordnung muss sein (“order must be”), people say in Germany, and when it comes to removals, we fully agree with them.
That is why we always act according to plan, and the client always knows what is happening with their goods.

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Because Kanguro believes in people

Quality comes from people, not cars or company clothes. We take responsibility for moving to all cities in Europe of client assets, and we take this commitment very seriously.
To find a good moving company, it’s not enough to look at the site. It is best to talk to the people who will take care of smith transport to Germany.

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Because Kanguro has been moving from Uk to Germany for many years

Experience is difficult to replace, especially in such a difficult area. Everything you have must find in a new country, as soon as possible and without any damage. Everything matters, from the route we choose, because of the packing method. There are many opportunities to spoil something, but so much to do something perfectly.


Because Kanguro is moving all over Europe

We are a company with English, German and Polish roots, and we operate from the beginning throughout Europe.
We move flats, houses, companies and institutions, traveling between capitals or small cities.
Wherever you are, wherever you want to move, you can count on the Kanguro team. Remember not to judge hastily? Before you choose, call:


Kanguro offer low cost removals man and van moving from any cities in UK to any cities in Germany.

We are moving from UK to all cities and vilages in Germany, the most popular cities our customers are moving are:


Berlin capital of Germany. The same high standard of living and the technological and communication development of the city, as well as numerous opportunities for spending free time in virtually any way.

Nr 1 When moving from UK to Germany.

Berlin is a great place for young people, like students and artists, young families with children and pets and people looking for employment in corporations in a local enterprise.


Hamburg is also worth considering to move to.

The great advantage of Hamburg is the very low unemployment and high demand for high-class specialists in many fields – so if you have strong “papers” in your pocket certifying your skills in one of the industries, probably Hamburg could be the best possible choice.


Munich often called- the most beautiful German city to move into.

Munich of Germany definitely worth moving and living.

The most important city of Bavaria, the third largest population in the entire country (with almost 1.7 million inhabitants), by many also considered the most attractive, Munich nr 3rd on our list when moving from UK to Germany. Many germans say that the Munich is the safest and best city to live in Germany. In Munich there are a lot of interesting squares worth visiting, and another one is undoubtedly Karlsplatz (also known as Stachus). Palace of Justice (Justizpalast) and Charles Gate (Karlstor) – these two structures are undeniably the most striking here.


Stuttgart has a little over 207 square kilometers of space, which means that you can move freely around the city center … on foot.

Tired of hiking, we can use public transport. There are 15 regular lines, one tram line and six suburban S-Bahn lines in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart, why not consider moving to stunning scenery and beautiful city in Germany-Stuttgart?

According to a ranking published by Zipjet, Stuttgart turned out to be the least stressful city in the world in 2019.

Stuttgart is a really great city to live in and it still has a lot of unexplored places that are waiting perhaps just for you!

Stuttgart is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Residents who want to escape from the hustle and bustle can choose many places where they will find peace and quiet. The Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald nature park is located in the southwestern part of the city.


Frankfurt in Germany why not moving to?

Frankfurt is one of the best cities in Europe. It is strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to live, work and study in this big and peaceful city. Everyone can find something for themselves in this city. Economics, traditions in education and culture and excellent infrastructure are developing.

There are a lot of students from around the world.

Frankfurt am Main is above all a world-famous financial center. In the city center (Bankenviertel) are the headquarters of the largest German private banks, so there is a big demand for people from banking sector moving to.