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Terms and conditions

TRANSPORT ORDER – ordering the service is a confirmation that you have read and accept the terms of service:

Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski is a company based in Poland dealing in removals and transport in Europe operating freight forwarder system, commissioning loads to subcontractors who have their own car, driver and liability insurance.

Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski offers transport of cargo space 2.5m3 to 200kg, 5m3 to 300kg, 10m3 to 600kg, 15m3 to 900kg, 20m2 to 1200kg, or a 40m3 truck to 7.5 tons of dmc.

The customer is responsible for selecting the size and weight of the load, as well as being responsible for paying extra for overweight of 1 pound for 1kg, and for all fees related to loading and substitution tickets for a second car.

Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski undertakes to substitute the ordered car with one driver, subcontractor on the agreed day, delivery of cargo depending on the possibility is 2-5 days.

For the service of transporting / moving cargo according to the waybill attached on the loading containing: description of the load, sender and recipient along with addresses and telephone numbers. Company: Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski Poznań ul. Bożnicza 15, room 6 accepts a transport order from the client for execution, based on email and telephone arrangements for the type of cargo, size, weight, and type of loading / unloading, dates and form of payment.

The price was set strictly for the elements / surface given for the valuation on the basis of information provided by the client and this is the total cost of the service (in the case of sending a larger load or with a greater weight or less, the consequences are borne by the sender, the price for recalculating up to three business days before transport) the final payment must be recorded at the time of unloading (also bank transfer payments to a bank account – physically booked). The booking payment confirms the conclusion of the contract, resignation from transport within less than 7 business days is also a waiver of the payment. a deposit of 200 pounds is needed to accept the order, the rest of the money must be paid at the latest on unloading the driver or transferred to the account before unloading. Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski does not own and uses his own delivery trucks and trucks, he accepts and subcontracts services, be it the driver with his own delivery van or truck, or the company that owns the car and driver, as well as OCP insurance for the carrier up to 10,000 euros.

The customer is responsible for preparing his load for international transport, packing in cardboard boxes, arranging furniture or securing furniture for international transport.

Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski is not responsible for damage caused by poor security, as well as all broken items that were not packed.

For the sake of clarity, your goods are not insured against damage, minor damage in transport or various missing items in European traffic, regardless of whether they were packaged by you or us.

The most important thing to remember is that the booking is based on weight or volume, whichever comes first. The customer is responsible for weighing the ordered goods and the actual load ordered, if the weight or size of the ordered load is exceeded, the customer bears additional payment 1 pound for 1kg, the customer is also responsible for all fines for reloading a car that may occur on the route, as well as for the possible delivery of another car in order to transport excess weight. It is not always possible for the driver to find out if your goods are overweight just by eye, we must make it clear that the weight and capacity are on the customers. We reserve the right to withdraw from the service when we do not have the opportunity to collect cargo.

The order is not included in the offer

We will not be:

  • Disassemble or assemble any type of furniture
  • Disconnect, reconnect, disassemble or reassemble devices, fittings, equipment or equipment.
  • Lift or lay matching floor coverings.
  • Move items from the attic, unless adequate lighting and flooring and secure access are provided.
  • Move or store any items excluded under the clause Disassemble or assemble furniture and garden equipment, including but not limited to: sheds, greenhouses, garden roofing, outdoor play equipment and satellite dishes, or move pavement tiles, flower pots and the like.
  • Our subcontractors are not authorized or qualified to perform such work. We recommend employing a suitably qualified person to provide these services separately.

Our liability for loss or damage

We don’t know the value of your goods, which is why we limit our liability to a set limit per item.

Unless we agree otherwise in writing, if we neglect or violate the contract, we will pay you a maximum of GBP 20 for each item or box that is lost or damaged as a result of direct negligence or breach of contract on our part.

For goods destined for or received from a place outside the European Union:

  • We are not responsible for transport damage
  • We are not responsible for goods confiscated, seized, removed or damaged by customs or other government agencies, unless such confiscation, seizure, removal or damage arises directly as a result of our negligence or breach of contract.

For the purposes of this Agreement, an element is defined as:

The entire contents of the box, package, parcel, carton or similar container is considered to be one item and is subject to compensation of GBP 20 in full

Any other items or items that we move, handle or store by us.

Damage to rooms or property other than goods.

Because the subcontractor or other entities are often present at the time of receipt or delivery, it is not always possible to determine who was responsible for the loss or damage. therefore our liability is limited as follows:

  • If, as a result of negligence or breach of contract, we cause the loss or damage of premises or property other than goods as a result of removal, our liability will be limited to repairing only the damaged area. If we cause damage as a result of moving the goods in accordance with your express instructions, contrary to our advice, and if moving the goods in a recommended way may cause damage, we will not be liable.
  • If we are responsible for causing damage to your premises or property other than goods handed over for removal and / or storage, you must record it on the sheet or delivery note as soon as practically possible, after the occurrence or detection of the damage or in any case reasonably time. this is essential for the contract.

Our right to store goods (pledge).

“Pledge” is the legal right of the person carrying out the transport to store goods until the customer pays all outstanding fees. We will be entitled to withhold and finally dispose of some or all of the goods if you fail to pay the fees and any other payments due under this or any other Agreement. They include any fees that we have paid on your behalf. While we store the goods, you will be required to pay any storage fees and other costs (including legal costs) that we would reasonably have incurred in connection with the recovery of our fees and the application of our liens. These conditions continue to apply. We reserve the right to sell the property after one week of non-payment.
Our right to forward transport to subcontractors.

Our right to forward transport to subcontractors.

We reserve the right to subcontract all of the transport.

In the case of subcontracting, these conditions will continue to apply.

Our right to sell or sell goods

If the payment of our fees related to your goods is overdue and after notifying you a week in advance, we are entitled to request you to remove your goods from our care and to pay all the money due to us. If you do not repay all outstanding amounts owed to us, we may sell or sell some or all of your goods without notice. The cost of selling or selling will be charged. Net proceeds will be credited to your account and any surplus will be paid out without interest. If we do not receive the full amount, we may recover the balance from you.

Our rights to refuse the work

We reserve the right to refuse work without justifying our refusal if the customer has inaccurately or incorrectly informed us of the work required, we will retain all payments that have already been paid without refund.

Acting on the basis of international transport law, the company undertakes to deliver the load to the recipient’s address indicated within the time limit intact from loading. The company has Forwarder’s liability insurance (100,000 euros – the customer does not bear the additional costs of the insurance surcharge) reserves the right to refuse to bear the consequences of inadequate packaging – the sender prepares the goods for transport – the goods can be stacked if there are no previous objections. All components must be packed and secured. The driver has the right to check the contents of the load and its protection, at the same time we inform you about a total ban on the transport of tobacco and alcohol products as well as other prohibited and dangerous items. Any possible complaints-reservations must be notified to the driver when unloading. Subsequent complaints will not be respected.

The company is not responsible for actions-proceedings of customs and order services resulting from the provisions on the transport of illegal goods in force in a given country through which the transport takes place, as well as goods of illegal origin.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure loading and unloading, the driver is obliged to ensure safe loading of goods for transport and to deliver goods from the car on unloading).

Goods excluded from carriage

The following goods are excluded from transport:

  • whose transport is prohibited pursuant to separate provisions;
  • which due to their size, weight or other properties, or due to the devices used by Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski, are not suitable for transport;
  • dangerous in the meaning of separate provisions, in particular: flammable, explosive or radioactive materials, corrosive or foul-smelling substances, weapons and ammunition;.

In addition, Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski does not accept for shipment:

  • containing narcotics or psychotropic drugs and agents, excise goods, with the exception of items sent for scientific or medical purposes by statutorily authorized institutions;
  • containing live plants and animals;
  • containing corpses and remains of human corpses;
  • having inscriptions or drawings on the packaging or visible part of the content that infringe goods protected by law;
  • containing works of art, antiques, precious stones and metals in any form or form;
  • currencies, transferable securities, certificates and any other transferable value.

In the event of a breach by the Sender of the above provisions, he undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of five times the amount owed to Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski for the provision of the service.

The payment of the penalty referred to above does not deprive Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski of the right to seek compensation exceeding the amount of the penalty due on general principles.

Kanguro Arkadiusz Mierzejewski may refuse to provide the service, also without giving a reason and in the case of:

  • spatio-temporal inability to perform it,
  • improper securing of the parcel by the Principal,
  • when there is a reasonable suspicion that the declaration of content and / or its weight does not correspond to the facts.

In the interests of providing the service on time: in the event of difficulties in the implementation of transport due to random or technical reasons, the company undertakes to provide transport to another substitute subcontractor / subcontractor (at the same price), which assumes full responsibility for transport and cargo: legal and financial. A CMR waybill is filled out on the loading – the company is responsible for the transport, all complaints should be reported to the driver representing the subcontractor who should be contacted in matters of insurance or by phone with the Kanguro office on the day of unloading for possible compensation. At the same time, in this case, the company reserves the right to safely tranship. Any costs associated with this are borne by the company / carrier. The company is not responsible for any delays caused by reasons beyond our control (such as technical or traffic obstructions etc.).