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Are you considering
moving to
Netherlands by
many still
referred as

We are Nr 1 for moving from UK to Netherlands.
We use a fleet of over 10 dedicated articulated
vehicles and traveling UK to Netherlands
Monday to Saturday giving you a chance
to get cheap prices for the best service!


Over many years
we offer low cost
removals &

Small and big loads, part load and groupage
from England to Netherland including major
cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hague,
Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Groningen,
Almere, Breda, Nijmegen.


We boost offering
low cost removals
and moving service
from any cities in
UK to all cities
in Netherlands.

Small and big loads, part load and groupage
companies or man with a van, without
compromising to our services.Every week
we have many moving vehicles traveling
through the Netherlands.
That is why we can offer low cost for
Load & Go service, 6 days a week
from Monday to Saturday,
door to door service within 2 days.


Here at Kanguro
we had gained
local industry

Experience to meet all your moving needs,
no matter where in the Netherlands you
decide to move. Low cost european removals
6 days a week moving from all cities in UK
and delivering to all cities towns
in Netherlands.

No 1 Low Cost Man & Van
UK to Netherlands

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Change England to Netherland with ease:

No 1 removals UK to Netherlands.

Is moving full load or part loads 6 days a week to Netherlands challenge? Not for Kanguro team!
Moving for many people could be a challenge even within few streets away – but not for Kanguro.

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Everything will be moved within 2 days.

There are many companies offering removals to Netherlands, but it will always be easiest to get along with someone who has many years of experienced behind. This distinguishes us, but above all it is a great convenience for customers. We take care of everything.
No unwanted surprises before, during or after moving house. We give a word, take responsibility, sign a contract.

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The England-Netherland before Holland route is our second home.

We know every turn, tunnel and highway. We have a team of trusted people who have been moving peoples belongies to Netherlands for many years. We are called bilingual experts in our field.


Because Kanguro is moving all over Europe

We are a company with English, German and Polish roots, and we operate from the beginning throughout Europe.
We move flats, houses, companies and institutions, traveling between capitals or small cities.
Wherever you are, wherever you want to move, you can count on the Kanguro team. Remember not to judge hastily? Before you choose, call:


Kanguro offers low cost removals and man and van moving from any cities in UK to any cities in Netherlands by many still referred as Holland.

We are moving from UK to all cities and vilages in Netherlands, the most popular cities our customers are moving are:


Nr 1 when considering moving to Netherlands is Amsterdam.

Amsterdam owes its leading position mainly to the historic center, convenient location, large number of opportunities to get good jobs. Many we will find here everything that the dream – home city should have.Worth mentioning is good and cheap food offer almost in every street.

You must have heard a lot about the fact that Amsterdam is a city of bicycles, but it is only after you move here that you know what it means – there are almost a million bicycles in the city. This is not only a pleasant recreation and means of transport, it is an integral part of the life of the Dutch. If you are worrying about how to communicate without speaking Dutch, there is a good news – everyone speaks English In general, you can speak English. Despite the fact that the official language is Dutch, over 90% of people can communicate fluently in English.


Why not moving to Rotterdam?

Definitely a key factor in favor of Rotterdam is also access to more cheaper apartments. Many young people and young families are moving to Rotterdam.

For many Rotterdam stands out from other Dutch cities with its modern and beautifull buildings, good parks and clean streets.Many people who recently moved here find it very safe and peacful. Definitely worth considering to move to.By many called the most friendly city to live in Europe.


What about moving to the Hague?

The Hague is a small city with a well-developed public transport networks. You can see that most of attractions are located in the city center. Well known for International Court of Justice and and as the seat of the Dutch royal family, government and parliament.Highly recomended for families with children and pets who are looking to live in the city which is clean and almost free of crime.


Moving to Utrecht

Moving here as a student or with familly for work?

There is the largest university in the Netherlands and many institutions related to higher education.

You can come across the most beautiful european channels and feel the true Dutch spirit. Utrecht will surprise you with picturesque landscapes, intriguing museums and a fabulous castle. As it turns out, in the country of tulips it’s worth living to.


Eindhoven nr 5 on our list when considering living in Netherlands this is why:

Eindhoven is considered the fifth most popular city to live in Netherlands. Well located in the south of the country. It had a population of over 23,1000 people is also well known for its innovation and technology, which the light bulb symbolizes. This is not an accident, because at the end of the 19th century it was in Eindhoven that Philips founded the first bulb factory and already illuminated the entire city well over 100 years ago. Thanks to this, Eindhoven has become a symbol of industrial success of Netherland.