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Do you need
a low cost
reliable man & van
UK to Belgium?

At Kanguro we are the experts for removals to
any city or village in Belgium.
Most Popular destinations are Brussels,
Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven.
We offer part load service 6 days a week
from Monday to Saturday guaranted
delivery within 2 days!


Are you looking for
low cost removals
to Belgium?

Here at Kanguro we have been specializing
in part load removals to any cities in Belgium.
If you need to move and live in Belgium
only because your love to Belgian chocolate,
beer, waffles or fries just simply check our
competitive prices and book full or our part
load van &man service.


We provide the best
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Low cost removals
UK to Belgium
6 days a week.

Small and big loads, part load and groupage
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to our services.
Every week we have many moving vehicles
traveling through the Belgium and back.


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move to Belgium?
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We are No 1 man and van removals
UK to Belgium.
Over many years we have been helping
many people to safely move to all cities
and vilagies in whole Belgium.

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Here at Kanguro we have been in removals and man & van industry providing good, honest, trustworthy service to many people and families for over 12 years. We like to do the job good and always making sure our clients do not have to worry about anything when moving to any country in Europe the choose.We have gained local industry knowledge and use it to provide 1st class removals service from Monday to Saturday 6 days a week guaranteed door to door service within 1-2 days even we part load.

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Moving to Belgium - country to eat, drink and be merry!

Yes, for many years Belgium has been established as a country as one of the best places to live for British people, and many starting to choose Belgium over any other countries popular by Brits like Spain, France or even Netherlands.There are many reasons expat choose Belgium , first is the way of lifestyle and best food chocklade, beer, waffels and famous Belgian fries.It’s also relatively affordable to live for youn profesionals and families with children.
Considering to move to Belgium it is worth giving it a try.

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Thinking about moving to Belgium?

There are few important facts you should know before you decide to live in Belgium.It could be confusing for some people to figure out what language you should use as many people speak multiple languages.Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, German, and French but of course speaking only English will always allow you to feel here like at home finding good job, meeting new friends and living good live.
Country has much more to offer than just delicious food.Belgium is well developed with top good income economy well known for high standards of living, healthcare and education also known as a safe and peaceful place to live with family.


Because Kanguro is moving all over Europe

We are a company with English, German and Polish roots, and we operate from the beginning throughout Europe.

We move flats, houses, companies and institutions, traveling between capitals or small cities.
Wherever you are, wherever you want to move, you can count on the Kanguro team. Remember not to judge hastily? Before you choose, call:


Kanguro offers low cost removals and man and van moving from any cities in UK to any cities in Belgium, the most popular cities are:


No 1 when considering moving to Belgium must be Brussels.
Brussels is not only capital but also the seat of the King and the Belgian Parliament, and is also the seat of the institutions of the European Union, NATO and Euroatom. An important commercial, banking and financial as well as cultural and scientific center of the country.

Everyone in Brussels has an accent, they communicate in many languages. People are very positive, curious about their interlocutor. It feels international because nobody really is at home.It is worth moving and living here even for few years.When moving to Brussels why not book friendly Man & van driver from well established kanguro.


We find the second most popular city when moving to Belgium is Antwerp.

Antwerp home to Europes second largest port is also one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Europe, not so big, but it is constantly changing. In areas that were once dangerous places, parks, libraries and museums began to appear. Antwerp is a city where you could live good life especially recomended for young families with children.

There you will find many artistic events, this city is called a fashion city, you can relax surrounded by greenery. Middelheim Park is great and beautiful, in the summer every Thursday you can go there for a barbecue and a party with DJ after visiting all the monuments in the park. Park Spoor Noord is great in the summer, you can spend time there, order a pizza, you can refresh yourself in the lake at Boekenberg in Deurne, and many more green areas to discover, e.g. Rivierenhof, Het Noordkasteel, Den Brand park, Stadspark, Hoboken Polder, and tunnel on Tunnelplaats, you can go on foot or by bike to the other side of the river, Linkeroever, where you can go for a walk and see the city from the other side.

Call for your local man & van to Belgium now!


We place at number 3 Bruges when considering moving to Belgium.

Belgium is tiny and you could think – it’s easy there to be the best. Well, I dare to say that Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Many new expats find it harder to find more beautiful city to settle down to!I would even say Bruges is prettier than Prague.Nicknamed the “Northern Venice”, Bruges is the capital city of West Flanders.

It is world famous for being one of Belgium’s most attractive zones thanks to its charming medieval setting, Bruges welcome everyone with open arms.By choosing to move, live and work in Bruges you would soon feel like the happiest person in the world.Also good place to settle down for young families with children and pets.


Moving to Ghent?

Gent is the most surprisingly beautiful old town of Flanders. The city combines beauty, culture, creativity and great houses and apartment to rent. Ghent is a wealthy, dignified and cultural city. Gent is also – as befits this Flemish city – a paradise for lovers of beer, stylish pubs and culinary delights. Beer is anyway the country’s greatest heritage. The best beers in the world come from Flanders. Nowhere in the world are there so many breweries in such a tiny area as Belgium.Many British people find it very quickly to settle down, find good job, and new friends.Schools and health care has a very good reputation for families moving from UK.


Thinking of moving to Leuven?

Most popular for students, the extraordinary climate of Leuven that makes this city absolutely unique and fun to live. The atmosphere that makes Leuven different from other Flemish cities. In Leuven, if there is a crowd somewhere, it is a different crowd: D There are approximately 25,000 students per 90,000 inhabitants. Students are everywhere. You can see them. You can hear them. When I close my eyes and think about Leuven, I hear music, the sound of suitcase wheels pulled on cobblestone streets, and squeaking bikes. The city teems with life until late at night. And at the same time he is extremely friendly and joyful while maintaining Flemish style and order.

The oldest and largest university in Belgium has its headquarters in Leuven. It is easy to find a good place to rent even for a short time like 6 to 12 months.