European removals
Low cost removal company
for moving across Europe


We do it
all over Europe

Our headquarters are in the very center of the
Europe (London, Great Britain) but specialised
kanguro vans drive throughout Europe.
We often move customers’ goods
all over Europe, to move them back
in a few years.


by one jump

Why Kanguro? We are distinguished by
a solid, well-coordinated team that has been
helping clients in a convenient removals
to a new home or office for years.
We are fast, friendly and good at moving things.
How could we name it differently?
Kanguro rocks!


Let us take care
of everything

Excellent reviews, returning customers
and experience speak for themselves.
Moving is stressful - but only if you
do not know if it will work out.
There is no worry with Kanguro, because
our entire team is responsible for succeeding,
Each move is protected by insurance
and a guarantee.


We have been
specialising in
for 12 years

These 12 years are a time of constant
development, gaining experience, which
can not be replaced, training and improving
in the art of moving as quickly,
careful and clever like a kangaroo.

Low cost removal company
for moving across Europe

Listen to our clients


We move successfully people, apartments, houses and offices

Who are we? People who have been involved in moving business for 12 years in Europe.
We have worked in many companies, we also created our own. Today, we combine our experience into one brand of removal experts – Kanguro.

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The most surprising is ...
no surprises

Successful relocation is one during which nothing have happened. Nothing gets lost, does not fall over, you do not look for boxes during the night.

Kanguro is a professional move that is completely ordinary.

You give the address, date - and it is done.

Write to us ,when would you like to move?

Date? We are ready. This is professionalism.

Kanguro is more than just a few people with a van.
This is a group of experienced professionals with specialist vans, trucks and lots of passion.


Why Us?

Because we have international experience

We specialize in moving homes, apartments and businesses for 12 years.

We often transport our clients’ goods all over Europe, to return them to Poland in a few years.

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Because we are versatile

We organise removals on almost any scale and anywhere in Europe. Our employees speak languages and know the local specificity perfectly.

We will take care of everything and look after everything.

Because we keep our word

You will quickly find out that our reliability
it’s more than words on the site. We provide a unique atmosphere of trust, and we take every job very seriously – because it is yours. Moving is an important thing. We want everything to go smoothly.

Move to Poland

Because Kanguro is a highly international team

We have worked in England for years, arranging removals in the UK and throughout Europe for customers.
We are experienced with job both
on the English and Polish market.

Because we guarantee:
• professional packing and unpacking service on site
• best-quality materials and security
• timeliness and full contact at every stage of relocation
• employees who are perfectly familiar with English and market realities
• full insurance of goods