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5 tips for moving to Lyon

| Anna |

5 tips for moving to Lyon

Moving to Lyon can be stressful, but it’s also exciting. Here are five tips to help you relax and enjoy your move.

1. Book flights and hotels in advance

If you’re planning a move to Lyon, be sure to book your flights and hotels in advance. This will avoid stress and ensure that your accommodation will be available.

2. Take only the essentials with you

Moving is a good time to clear your home of unnecessary items. Only take with you the things you really need. Sell the rest, give it to friends or the needy.

3. Find a good mover

Moving is a stressful experience, so it is important to find a good mover. Look for reviews among friends or check reviews online. Choose a carrier that has good reviews and offers good prices.

4. Book a parking space

If you are planning to move by car, be sure to book a parking space. This will avoid stress and ensure that your car is parked safely.

5. Find a good translator

If you don’t speak French well, be sure to find a good translator. An interpreter will help you communicate with your neighbours, your doctor and other people you meet in Lyon. It will also be important when dealing with official matters, at the bank or other institutions.

When to move to Lyon, France?

If you want to change your place of residence and move permanently to France, remember that any time is a good time. France is a multicultural city, so you will definitely find your way around Lyon and the surrounding towns.