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Childbirth and care in Belgium

Belgium is a great place to have a baby. With its high child benefits and excellent healthcare quality, future parents can put their minds at ease. But what exactly makes childbirth and care so great in Belgium?

Reproductive healthcare

Reproductive and sexual healthcare in Belgium is at its highest quality, which makes it a good place to move in, once you decide to have a child.

People have multiple options in terms of contraception, most of which are discounted or even free for women under 25. People can easily see a gynaecologist at any point in time for free, both before the pregnancy and during it.

Most of the surgeries and services related to reproductive healthcare, contraception and abortion in Belgium are at least partially funded and widely available.

Childbirth in Belgium

In Belgium, if it comes to birth, future parents have several options: to give birth at home, at the hospital or at the birth clinic. However, one shouldn’t choose only yourself, as it greatly depends on your health. A gynaecologist should be present throughout the entire pregnancy, closely monitoring the state of both the parent and the future child.

After the birth, parents should attend regular check-ups with the newborn to prevent any developmental disorders acquired during pregnancy or after the birth.

Belgian preschools

Belgian has a wide variety of places to put your child before the appropriate schooling age. One of them is preschool, where your child can attend once they reach the age of two and a half. Around 90% of Belgian children attend preschool.

Usually, it opens anywhere from 8:20 AM to 9:00 AM, with classes and activities continuing until around 3:30 PM. On Wednesdays, activities usually end near lunchtime.

However, given hours are not absolute. Most preschools open earlier, around 7:30, and allow children to stay within the facility until 6 PM if their parents pay extra.

Child benefit

To encourage its citizens to reproduce, Belgium offers child benefits for each kid the parents have. The amount of money highly depends on the birth order of the children.

The first child will get the bare amount of €86.77 monthly, the second child €160.55 and every other child will get €239.72. Starting at six years old, each child will receive an extra allowance based on their age. Disabled children will also get additional benefits after their parents apply and meet all conditions. The children will receive €211.45 every three months.