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Cyclist-friendly French cities

Many people in the era of ecology and a healthy lifestyle decide to limit the use of internal combustion vehicles in favour of, among others, bicycles. It is definitely a much cheaper form of transport than a car, but we must be prepared for the fact that there are bicycle paths not everywhere, or the bicycle journey will not be as safe as it should be. Therefore, if we want to travel through France mainly on two wheels of a bicycle, we must take into account bicycle-friendly cities.


In recent years, many steps have been taken in Paris to make it a more bike-friendly city. Recently, almost 700 kilometres of bicycle paths have been built in the city, also extending to the city’s suburbs, which meant that not only the centre was opened for use by cyclists.


Nicknamed “the cycling capital of France”, Strasbourg is called like this for a reason. It is the friendliest city in France and the fourth in Europe, with 600 kilometres of cycle paths, the cycling culture is booming, with up to 16% of employees choosing this mode of public transport to get to their workplace.


The second most bike-friendly city in France is not lagging behind. And it’s hard to expect anything less — with 586 kilometres of cycle paths and a great location for cyclists — right between “La Vélodyssée” (EuroVelo 1) and “La Loire à Vélo” (EuroVelo 6) — Nantes remains a very popular cycling destination and thriving the culture of cycling — the city does not cease to promote this mode of transport, regardless of whether it is a bicycle trip that lasts many hours or a regular city ride.


Rennes is part of the “Traversées et Escales” initiative, which shows the beauty of the bicycle routes around the Vallée de la Vilaine, where Rennes is located, among others. Renewed bicycle paths have been erected in the city and beyond, ready for tourists and local residents to follow them on their bikes.


Cycling is the perfect way to travel around Bordeaux and admire its beauty. The metropolis of Bordeaux has over 1,152 kilometres of bicycle paths, inclusive. They offer many views as you drive, whether you want to stay in the city or get out in the nature around the city — the bike roads in Bordeaux have what you need.

In addition to the city’s bike paths, France offers an endless number of natural trails and its own paths for cycling fans to discover. If you own a bicycle, nothing should stop you from traversing the country on its wheels — go ahead, France is waiting!