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Disadvantages of living in Belgium

There is no perfect place, and Belgium is no different. Like every country, Belgium has its flaws, known to everyone living there.

Three regions, three languages

With three different regions speaking three distinct languages, the problem becomes evident. In Flanders, you’ll need to communicate primarily in Dutch, etc. However, most Belgians are fluent in all three languages used in the country, and employers often require you to have at least some communication skills in Dutch and French.

The Belgians are also very lingually educated. Most of the Belgians in the Dutch-speaking Flanders can speak French on a communicative level, and most of the Wallonians could easily keep the conversation in French.

Although, in many places in Belgium, you can communicate in English alone, like in Brussels. Unfortunately, most of the employers in Brussels also require you to know all three languages due to doing business in all three regions.

High taxes

Before moving, it’s essential to know the local tax laws, so you’ll know what to prepare. Because someone moving to Belgium without that knowledge would be in many troubles early on, as it is known worldwide for its high taxes. Wealth tax can range from 25% to even 50%, depending on your grossed income.

However, the government spend the money wisely, and thanks to that, Belgians can enjoy high-quality life.

Weather in Belgium

Most Belgians complain about the weather on a near-daily basis. The residents always talk about having only two seasons in Belgium — spring and autumn. So you won’t experience the real winter with a lot of snow and cold days. Days themselves are rather rainy and grey, without anything interesting happening in meteorological terms.

Public transport delays

Public transport in Belgium is widely available and cheap, but it is not perfect. Far from it, actually, according to locals in Belgium. Public buses, trams and metro are often delayed and are coming much later than they’re supposed to. People would advise you to take into consideration at least 10 minutes of extra waiting time, especially if your schedule is busy and you need to be punctual.