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Finding a job after moving to France

Working in France without knowing French

How do you move to France and find a job with a high salary? Ideally, you should know French well or speak it at least to a communicative level. This makes a positive impression on the employer and puts you in a good light. However, if you don’t speak the language at all, in most large companies you will get along with your superiors and colleagues in English without any problems. It is even possible to hold senior positions, especially in companies with an international focus.

Working in France without knowledge of French and English may not be the best paid job. Usually in this situation, seasonal, manual, warehouse and production jobs will be available to you. Even in their case, the salary allows you to live comfortably and put aside some savings. However, it is difficult to count on quick promotions or management positions in such cases. However, if you prove yourself to be a good employee, some business owners themselves organise French language courses and training for their foreign employees. These often cost little or nothing at all and can result in a higher salary in the future.

Working hours in France

If you are not tempted to move out of France and want to stay in the country permanently, you should be well acquainted with the labour laws applicable there. According to this, you can be employed on a fixed-term or permanent contract of employment, which should be stated in your contract.

A day without work there is Sunday, and public holidays are also included in the schedules. As in Poland, the additional day off in France is usually Saturday, although it may also be another day chosen by the employer, e.g. for shift work. Working as an employee, you are also entitled to more days off than in Poland, 30 per year to be exact.

How many working hours per week will you be required to work? By law it is only 35 hours (in Poland it is 40 hours). In many professions, the work schedule is also different, as there is a meal break from 12 to 13:30 or 14, which does not count as working time.

Retirement in France

Moving to France permanently is one thing, but entitlement to a pension there is quite another. In this country, you are entitled to a pension if you have contributed to the Sécurité Sociale general pension fund. Between 10 and 24 years with the highest salaries are taken into account when determining the rate. People are entitled to draw a full pension at the age of 65, and the retirement age for men and women is 62. Early retirement is available to those who have contributed for 162-172 contribution quarters.

Working in France and retiring in another country

Regardless of whether you stay in this country or return to your home country at the end of your career, you will receive the benefit you have earned. According to the regulations, this does not preclude you from receiving a pension in another country either, if you are entitled to one as well. You can receive the money from France when you submit the appropriate application to the office corresponding to your place of residence.