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How to avoid extra costs when moving internationally?

How to avoid extra costs when moving internationally?

Plan your move carefully

An international move requires careful planning and preparation. Analyse all the costs that will be involved in the move, including transport, insurance, loading and unloading, customs fees and more. Look for a flat beforehand so that you do not look for something on short notice, as this involves higher costs.

Gather all the necessary documents:

  • passport;
  • identity card;
  • work permit;
  • residence permit;
  • visa;
  • documents proving employment;
  • documents proving health insurance.
    Make sure that all your documents comply with the customs requirements in both countries. This will avoid many additional fees and save you time and money.

Find suitable accommodation in advance:

  • browse listings for flats and houses in your new location;
  • decide whether you want to rent a flat or buy a house;
  • find a suitable location;
  • organise a visit to your new home in advance.

Prepare for your new life:

  • find a job;
  • find a school for your children if you have them;
  • find adequate health insurance;
  • find adequate housing insurance;
  • find the right car insurance;
  • find adequate travel insurance;
  • find the right accident insurance.

Choose the right removal company

Compare the prices of removal services offered by different companies. Make sure you choose the best deal that meets your needs. Remember to insure your belongings. Insurance will allow you to recover costs if your possessions are damaged or lost.

Prepare for your move:

  • organise the transport of your furniture and other belongings;
  • Organise storage for items you cannot take with you;
  • Organise transport for pets;
  • Organise transport of your car;
  • Organise the transport of documents.

Minimise the amount of things you will be transporting

Moving internationally is expensive, so minimise the amount of stuff you will be transporting. Sell or donate unnecessary items to reduce costs.

Use reusable packing items

Instead of buying new cardboard boxes and packing materials, use reusable ones. You can also hire containers from a removal company to reduce costs.

Organise everything yourself

You can organise everything yourself if you have the time, this will avoid extra costs. You can find cheap transport, loading and unloading services and organise all the official and customs formalities yourself. Bear in mind, however, that this is not an easy task!