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How to make the most of moving to France

| Anna |

How best to plan a move to France

Are you moving to France? Here are a few things you should know to make the most of your move and enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer!

Moving to France? First of all, learn French!

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating. If you’re not fluent in French, you’re likely to feel isolated and lost at times. While many people in France speak English, it’s always a good idea to be able to communicate in the local language. Not only will this make your daily life easier, but it will also help you connect with the people and culture around you.

Discover the flavours of France

French food is world famous for a reason. From main dishes such as coq au vin and cassoulet, to lighter dishes such as salads and quiche and many types of great cheese, there is something for everyone. And of course, let’s not forget the desserts! Whether you have an appetite for sweets or not, you will definitely want to try some of the delicious cakes and pastries that France is known for.

Get out into the city and explore the sights

France is a big country with a lot to offer. From bustling Paris to the stunning beaches of the French Riviera, there is something for everyone. Make sure you take the time to explore all that France has to offer. You’ll be glad you did!

Be prepared for the bureaucracy

One of the things that can be frustrating about living in France is the bureaucracy. From getting a visa to opening a bank account, there are many pitfalls to jump through. But don’t let this discourage you! Once you’ve conquered the bureaucracy, you’ll be able to enjoy everything France has to offer without any worries.

Enjoy the good life in France

France is known for its relaxed lifestyle and appreciation of good food, wine and art. Embrace the French way of life and take some time to enjoy the finer things in life. You won’t regret it!

Moving to France

Relocating to the beautiful country of France is quite a challenge. Plan your move to France the right way and enjoy the life this beautiful country, open to immigrants, has to offer.