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Is it worth moving?

| Anna |

Czy warto się przeprowadzać?

The decision to move depends on many factors and individual circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the value of moving depends on many factors, such as:.

Reason for moving

Is it a necessity related to work, school, family, or is it a choice related to personal preference? The value of moving can vary depending on the reason. The first step is to understand why you want to move. If it is a necessity related to work, education or other important factors, it may be more justifiable than moving on a whim. The need to move because of better career or educational prospects may be a good investment in your future.

Location of removals

Where are you planning to move? Does the new location offer better career opportunities, a better quality of life or access to the amenities you need? Choosing the right location is key. You need to consider job availability, the quality of schools, the availability of medical services, public transport and other amenities. Also, the climate and environment can affect your wellbeing.

Removal costs

Moving involves costs such as renting or buying a new home, the cost of transporting and moving your belongings, contract conversion fees and service delivery. You also need to factor in any costs associated with adapting to the new location. It is important to be prepared for these costs and to have an adequate budget.

Social network after the move

Do you have friends or family in the new place you are moving to, or will you have to build a new social network? There is a difference between moving to a place where you already have a family or friendship social network and moving to a completely new place where you will have to build new relationships. This can affect your feelings of loneliness and adaptation.

Life goals after the move

Is the move in line with your long-term life goals and plans? It is also worth considering the impact of the move on your health and comfort. Some places may offer a better climate or access to natural recreational areas, which can affect your health and wellbeing.

Health and comfort after moving to a new location

Will the new place be more suitable in terms of health, climate or lifestyle? Think through whether the move is in line with your long-term life goals. Does the new location support your professional, family and personal aspirations? Make sure the move is in line with your plans for the future.

The emotional aspect of moving

What are your personal feelings and emotions about the move? Are you ready for change and new challenges? Moving house is often a change that can be emotionally difficult. Consider whether you are ready for changes in your life, both positive and negative. Make sure you have emotional support from family or friends.


Before deciding to move, it’s worth considering all these factors carefully and talking to relatives who can help you make the right decision. A move can be valuable if it is well thought out and in line with your goals and needs.