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Is it worth using additional services when moving house?

Using additional services during a move, such as post-move cleaning, can make the whole process significantly easier. In this blog post, we take a look at the advantages and potential disadvantages associated with the decision to hire companies that offer such services, to help you decide if this solution is right for you.

Advantages of using additional services when moving house

Saving time

Moving house is usually time-consuming and involves many hours of packing, transporting and unpacking. Adding services such as professional cleaning saves valuable time that can be used to organise your new place or simply relax after an exhausting day.

Stress reduction

Organising your move and cleaning are two activities that can significantly increase your stress levels. By outsourcing the cleaning to professionals, you minimise the number of tasks to be carried out, allowing you to go through the whole process more calmly.

Higher standard of cleanliness

Professional cleaning companies have the right tools and experience to tackle cleanliness effectively, achieving better results than the average person with only basic cleaning products.

Security of the deposit

If you are renting a flat, a professional post-removal cleaning can help you get your full deposit back, ensuring that your flat is returned in immaculate condition.

Potential disadvantages of additional removal services


Cost can be one of the main deterrents, especially if your budget is limited. Additional services can add significantly to the overall cost of a move.

Dependence on service providers’ deadlines

If the company you hire for additional services is not reliable or does not meet deadlines, this can cause additional complications and stress.

How do you decide on additional services?

Before deciding on additional services, it is worth considering the following points:


Do the additional costs fit into your budget?.

  • harmonogram: Do you have enough time to complete these tasks yourself, or is it worth saving time, even at the cost of higher costs?
  • Health and wellbeing: Do you have sufficient energy and health to handle all aspects of the move yourself?

Size and scale of the move

Does the size and scale of your move make it worth considering professional services?.

In summary, the decision to use additional services during a move, such as cleaning, depends mainly on your personal needs, your budget and your comfort level with doing these tasks yourself. For many people, the benefits of minimising stress and saving time outweigh the additional costs.

A deeper look at additional services

Packing and unpacking services

Companies offering comprehensive removal assistance often also offer packing and unpacking services. This solution is particularly useful for people who, for various reasons (e.g. time constraints, health problems), cannot take care of these tasks themselves. Professionals are not only faster, but also know how to secure fragile items to avoid damage during transport.

Assembly and disassembly of furniture

Many removals involve the disassembly of larger pieces of furniture, making them easier to transport. Reassembling furniture in a new location can be time-consuming and technically challenging. Professional removal companies often offer an assembly service, which can significantly speed up the process of furnishing your new home.


As mentioned, cleaning after a move is one of the most frequently requested additional services. Professional cleaning can include not only the old flat, but also the preparation of the new property before moving in. This is especially important if the previous tenants did not leave the flat in perfect condition.

Cost-benefit analysis

The decision to use additional services should be preceded by a thorough cost-benefit analysis. Here are some of the key questions to ask yourself:

Does the cost of services exceed the potential benefits?

For example, if the cost of cleaning is less than the potential loss from the deposit, it is worth considering such a service.

What are the risks associated with doing these tasks yourself?

Packing infrequently used items yourself may seem like a simple task, but poor protection of fragile items can lead to damage.

Can ancillary services contribute to better time management?.

For those who work or have little time, being able to outsource some tasks can be invaluable.

When is it a good idea to forego additional services?

Although in many cases the use of additional services is justified, there are situations where you might consider doing these tasks yourself:

Small scale removal

For smaller moves where the number of items to be transported is limited, it may be more cost-effective to pack and clean up yourself.

Availability of assistance

If you can count on help from family or friends, organising a move without external services may be more feasible.

Removal and ancillary services

In summary, the decision to use additional services when moving should be well thought out and tailored to individual needs, financial capabilities and preferences. It is crucial to understand how individual services can affect the overall quality and efficiency of the move.