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Is Nice a nice place to live in?

It’s easy to smile at yourself when you see the name of this city, but does it really live up to that name? Is Nice really a good place to live?


Nice has a very low crime rate – so much so that the inhabitants of this city are not afraid to walk around it on their own, whether at night or during the day. Crime rates such as robbery, theft, and battery are very low in Nice. The Nice police force is one of the best functioning in the country.

Health Service

Despite the high level of health care throughout France, Nice stands out even against it. A large number of doctors work in the city, so there is no shortage of professionals who can be consulted in an emergency. Hospitals and clinics are generally accessible, and a pharmacy can be found on virtually every street. So, when you go to Nice, you can rest easy about your health.


Nice has a well-developed public transport network, operating three tram lines, numerous bus lines and bicycle paths.

It also offers a wide selection of transport to other cities and countries. The port of Nice, also known as Lympia, offers many sea routes to get to e.g., Corsica. If we choose by air, Nice-Cote d’Azur airport, as the third-largest airport in France, has a large selection of flights to many countries.

Costs of living

The cost of living in Nice is the lowest among those on the French Riviera. Nice residents can also enjoy cheaper prices for public transport tickets than, for example, in Paris, lower bills and lower rental costs.

And although Nice is not the cheapest place to live in France, it should be remembered that in this charming city, quality goes hand in hand – Nice has one of the best conditions in the whole country.


Nice is located in a subtropical climate zone, thanks to which the inhabitants of this city can experience pleasant temperatures all year round. The winters in this region are mild, the frosts last only a few days, so there is no risk of freezing on a winter morning. The summers, on the other hand, are sunny and warm, allowing you to fully enjoy the fact that Nice is located by the sea.


Nice is known for its numerous shops and is practically a shopper’s paradise. From popular and expensive brands, to small boutiques associated with the French landscape, everyone will find something perfect for themselves. In addition to typical clothing stores, you can also choose from a range of restaurants or cafés, but also drug stores, numerous bookshops or other places where we can buy everything that is needed both for body and soul.


Considering all the above-mentioned dependencies, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that Nice, in accordance with its English name, is in fact a very good place to live and live for a longer time. So there is nothing to wait for – pack your bags and let your French adventure in this coastal city begin!