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Living vegan in Brussels

Belgium is a perfect place for many people due to how flexible a “Belgian lifestyle” can be. Especially in Brussels, you can choose to live your life however you please – it’s great news for every vegan who wants to continue this lifestyle even after moving to Belgium. What does vegan life look like in Brussels? Let’s take a look.

Vegan restaurants and cafes in Brussels

There are a lot of great vegan restaurants, but they can be hard to find. And even when you do find them, they’re often expensive. But it’s not all bad news. Even if you’ve just moved to Brussels, you don’t have to worry! 

With a little bit of effort, you can find some great vegan food in Brussels. Some are easier to find than others, but with a little bit of exploration, you’re sure to find them all. There’s more than you think, so don’t give up – eventually, you’ll find one you’ll fall in love with!

Cooking vegan 

Now, if you’re more of a home cook, that’s even better for you. Brussels has a large number of vegan cooking products to choose from – again, all you need to do and know is how to look for them. And it’s not a hard skill to master!

Take advantage of the city’s many ethnic markets. From African to Asian, there’s a market for every cuisine in Brussels. You’ll find fresh vegan produce, spices, and ingredients that you can’t find at your local supermarket. 

Vegan diet is very flexible and can be applied to any cuisine, with a bit of planning and creativity. So no matter if your favourite dishes are Italian, Japanese or Indian – you can “veganize” them quite easily without losing a single bit of their taste!

Buying vegan cosmetics

Brussels is the heart of Europe, so naturally, most of the famous cosmetic brands from Europe are widely available here. With a great variety of products being vegan, your choices are almost unlimited.

There are a few reasons why you might want to buy vegan cosmetics. Maybe you’re vegan yourself and want to support companies that align with your values. Or maybe you’re concerned about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and want to reduce your consumption of animal products. Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of great vegan cosmetics options available in Belgium, and Brussels especially.