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Mistakes to avoid when moving to France

| Anna |

mistakes to avoid when moving to France

Don’t assume that everyone speaks English

While it is true that many people in France speak English, you should not assume that everyone does. It is always polite to try and speak a little French before resorting to English, even if your French is not very good.

Don’t be late

Punctuality is important in France, especially when it comes to business meetings. If you are meeting someone for a business lunch, for example, it is considered rude to keep them waiting.

Don’t forget to confirm your arrival

If you are invited to a party or other event, it is important to RSVP, or confirm your attendance, back as soon as possible. This is considered a common courtesy in France.

Don’t get too comfortable with personal space

In France, people tend to stand closer to each other when talking than in other countries. This may come as a bit of a shock to people who are not used to it, but it is something you will quickly get used to.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

In France, it is considered perfectly acceptable to express your opinion, even if it differs from the person you are talking to. This can be an interesting change for people who are used to ‘keeping their mouths shut’ in other countries.

Moving to France 

If you’re planning a move to this country that is open to people and difference, keep these few things in mind and you’ll avoid a social embarrassment.