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Moving from the city to the countryside

| Anna |

moving from the city to the countryside

Statistics clearly show that the urbanisation rate is decreasing year on year. It determines the percentage of people who have moved from the cities to the countryside for various reasons. This trend, although indicative of a steady social economic growth, in practice involves many aspects, psychological, economic and above all social. How to deal with them and what should be taken into account when moving? In the following article, we will try to answer these questions.

Living in the countryside after a move

Moving from the city to the countryside – and this needs to be made clear – involves a number of inconveniences of which we are often unaware. Life in the countryside is certainly more difficult and lacks many of the conveniences we would have in the city.

Commuting after moving to the countryside

A big problem there, for example, is the distance. Getting to the nearest hypermarket can become a real challenge. This in turn will force us to incur relatively higher living costs. The countryside is also not a good idea for people who are not familiar with it. Recent years have changed a lot about living in the countryside, but it is still a much less comfortable place than the city or even its outskirts.

The tranquillity of life in the countryside

Moving from the city to the countryside, however, has its advantages and, importantly, there are more advantages than disadvantages. The first of these is certainly the greater tranquillity and better contact with nature. Another major advantage is the opportunity to acclimatise to a society that tends to be much more inclusive than urban society.

Finally, moving to the countryside is a good idea for those people who not only need a lot of free space, but above all… like to manage on their own.

Property prices in the countryside

Moving from the city can also be surprising in terms of… the price of the property you buy. For the amount of money we would normally spend on a more luxurious one-bedroom apartment in an urban area, we can buy a quite nice house in a rural area. Of course, this is without mentioning the possibility of a garden, which is unlikely to be found in the city.

This phenomenon brings with it a number of investment advantages. The fact that more and more people are moving to the countryside means that in a dozen or so years, or even decades, the price of the rural property we own may increase significantly. Especially if we eventually get bored with life outside the city.

Dangers of living in the countryside

Moving to the countryside is associated with greater security. It is no secret that in rural areas people know each other much better, which effectively protects against an increase in pathology. Therefore, anyone moving to the countryside will notice that there will be far fewer robberies, thefts and other negative phenomena in their surroundings.

What will be a benefit for some may be – at least in part – a serious handicap for others. This is especially true for those people who are used to the anonymity that living in the city entails. In the countryside, especially as new residents, we will constantly ‘enjoy’ the increased attention of those around us.

Healthy food from your own garden

Whatever, but food in the countryside is much healthier than in the city. Of course, big-city smog and unpleasant smells can sometimes get in there too… Nevertheless, food from the family’s own garden always tastes better.

Moving from the city to the countryside

Whether it is worth moving from the city to the countryside could be determined solely by economic and health factors. Fortunately, many people are recognising that moving to the countryside is also a completely different life, the benefits of which are not just related to healthy food and money.

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