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Moving to Dordrecht, what should you know?

Dordrecht, also called “Dordt” by its inhabitants, currently has almost 120,000 inhabitants. More and more people are choosing to move to Dordrecht. The city is part of the Drechtsteden metropolitan area. Moving companies move a large number of people every day to many districts of Dordrecht.

Cultural richness of Dordrecht

The city of Dordrecht is located in the southern part of Zuid-Holland in the “Eiland van Dordrecht”. This area has an area of approximately 9000 hectares. Three rivers converge in Dordrecht: the Beneden-Merwede, the Noord and the Oude Maas. This point with the three rivers is the busiest waterway hub in Europe. The waterways that surround Dordrecht make the city easily accessible by water bus.

The water is also used as a source of drinking water in the Netherlands. These areas, still located on the island of Dordrecht, together form Hollandse Biesbosch, a natural and recreational area. If you decide to move to Dordrecht, the Biesbosch is a place you definitely need to see. The area is known for its beauty and nature is treated with great respect.

Dordrecht is seen as a diverse city because of its rich culture. The city has a beautiful historical centre that attracts more and more people every year. Due to the pleasant living conditions, many people choose to move to Dordrecht. In the city there is something interesting for everyone because of the great variety of neighbourhoods. You can choose a flat in the city centre, but also a detached house in a quieter neighbourhood.

Real estate prices in Dordrecht

In Dordrecht, the housing market is gaining momentum. After several years of decline, house prices are rising again. Dordrecht has even overtaken large cities such as Rotterdam. House sales are also faster than ever. Planning to buy a house in Dordrecht? Now is the time to do so! House prices are expected to continue to rise and reach their peak in ten years. If you buy a house now, you can even profit from it.

Living in Dordrecht

Numerous attractions make living in Dordrecht very attractive. The city’s commercial centre is the Statenplein. On the nearby Scheffersplein square there is a monument to Ary Scheffer, a painter from Dordrecht. On the Visburg there is a monument to the brothers Johan and Cornelis de Witt. These sculptures and places show the rich history of the city.

Shopping centres and restaurants

The shops and eating establishments in Dordrecht are also very attractive. The city has no shortage of new and trendy restaurants, and the nightlife has improved considerably in recent years. The city centre has many large terraces where people gather in the summer. There are also several large parks. One such park is the famous Wantijpark. In the summer, festivals are held here that attract people from all over the Netherlands.

Transport in Dordrecht

In terms of public transport, Dordrecht lags behind other large Randstad cities, partly due to the lack of trams and metros. Due to the city’s relatively small area, many central points can be reached on foot.