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Moving to Namur

Namur is both a municipality and a city located in said municipality. Because the city is the heart of all things signature to this particular region in Wallonia, Belgium, we will look at the city itself.

Costs of life

To get the most accurate portrayal of the costs of life in Namur, let’s compare to London, United Kingdom. It will give us a clear picture regarding the difference between living in the UK and Belgium

Rent and property prices in Namur are consistently much lower than in London – all of them oscillating around 70% lower. The troubles start with groceries, where it all depends on what you’re buying. While things like chicken, eggs or bread are much more expensive in Namur, alcohols of a different kind, rice and, beef are relatively cheaper than in London.


Namur is a city full of culture. You can find something interesting to experience and even discover, no matter your interests. 

If you’re a sporty person, Namur has plenty of bike paths for you to explore on two wheels and two challenging climbing walls, separated into different sections by difficulty. So you have nothing to worry about if you’re inexperienced! 

However, if you’re more interested in movies, plays and performances of artistic kind, you have lots of places and events to pick from, no matter your tastes. There are two big cinemas located on separate sides of the city and plenty of cultural locations, like Le Belvédère or La Maison de Poésie.


In terms of folklore, Namur has a lot to offer. No matter if you’re a tourist ready to experience foreign culture or local wanting to know more about the place they live. 

Namur is rich in museums depicting the rich history of both the city and municipality, excelling in fascinating people of all ages and knowledge regarding history.

There are many folklore groups and performances to witness for yourself in the city of Namur, some of which include:

  • Frairie des Masuis et Cotelis Jambois — a group focused on preserving traditional dances and performances in Namur.
  • Les Alfers namurois — a group of people dedicated to practising the old game of flag.
  • La Royale Moncrabeau / Les Molons — a folk society combining folk, philanthropy and the art of lying.
  • Les Echasseurs — a group of stilt walkers.