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Preparing to move out in theory

| Anna |

Preparing to move out in theory

Finishing your flat in the final straight? So moving house is fast approaching. Looking at the amount of stuff most of us own, the subject fills me with dread. The right strategy is essential

Before you move

– moving house is a good opportunity to get rid of what you no longer need, which means less things to pack;

– gathering the necessary packing materials: cardboard boxes, boxes, plastic bags, wrapping paper, old newspapers, bubble wrap, etc;

– a basket with the things needed for packing: packing tape, labels, marker, scissors, knife, screwdrivers, etc.

Packing for the move

– fragile items should be protected against damage, preferably each item separately. Plushies, pillows, blankets, towels can be used as protection and to fill the empty spaces between things that may break;

– books and other heavy items can be packed in a suitcase with wheels or in smaller boxes to make them easier to move;

– clothes hanging in the wardrobe, including hangers, should be put into large rubbish bags, make a hole in the bottom and thread the hooks of the hangers through it clothes should be stretched out in the bag and tied at the bottom;

– labelling the boxes: coloured labels will come in handy, so that the different colours enable the room and its contents to be identified;

– prepare a hand luggage for the first night: pack the things you might need if you don’t unpack all the boxes: toiletries, medicines, pyjamas, change of clothes, towels, bed linen and kettle, cups, tea, snacks, plates, cutlery, etc.

Packing is best completed the day before the move so that you have the energy to move and unpack.