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Removals from England to Poland | A new career chapter

| Anna |

Przeprowadzka z Anglii do Polski | Nowy rozdział w karierze

Moving to another country is always a big challenge, but also a huge opportunity for professional and personal development. When we decide to move back to Poland from England, we are confronted with different realities of the labour market that can affect our career in various ways. In this post, I will share my experiences and practical tips for working after moving from England to Poland.

Labour market in Poland

The labour market in Poland is growing dynamically, offering more and more opportunities for professionals from various industries. Many international companies are opening their shared service centres, research and development hubs and technology offices in Poland’s largest cities, such as Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław. This is an opportunity for people who want to pursue an international career path without leaving the country’s borders.

Language skills after moving to Poland

Knowledge of English is invaluable, especially in a corporate environment where it is often a required standard. English allows you to integrate seamlessly into the structures of international companies and to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues from different parts of the world. If you are planning to work in a multinational corporation, knowledge of additional languages, such as German or French, can be an advantage.

Recognition of qualifications after relocation

One of the challenges you may face is the recognition of foreign qualifications. It is worth, before moving, checking whether and how you can nostrify your diplomas and certificates so that they are honoured in the Polish labour market. In some industries, such as medicine or law, the process can be longer and more complicated.

Work culture in Poland

The work culture in Poland may be different from the one we are used to in England. In Polish companies, hierarchy and formal relationships between employees play a big role. It is important to adapt to local customs to help build professional and personal relationships.

Tips for future expats

  • start your job search before you move; use the internet to find job vacancies and make your first professional contacts;
  • plan visits to Poland; meet potential employers and get an idea of the labour market during short visits to Poland before making the final move;
  • adapt your CV; make sure your CV is in line with Polish standards; you may need to add a photo or adapt the format of the document;
  • familiarise yourself with employment law and the tax system; Polish regulations and the tax system can differ significantly from the UK’s, so it is worth understanding these differences before you start work.

Networking and building professional relationships

Moving to a new country often means having to build a professional network from scratch. Networking is a key element in your job search and career development in Poland. You can start with the initial steps while you are still in England:

  • LinkedIn and other social media platforms: update your professional profile, indicating your plans to move to Poland and seek new opportunities. Search for and join groups related to your industry operating in Poland;
  • industry events: attend conferences, webinars and networking events that take place both in Poland and England to make initial contacts with future industry colleagues;

Business culture in Poland

Understanding the business culture is extremely important for effective adaptation and professional success after moving to Poland. The business culture in Poland can be more formal than in the UK, which is worth bearing in mind:

  • formality in communication: in Polish companies a formal form of communication is common, especially at the beginning of a business relationship, titling people by their full name and using Mr/Mrs is standard;
  • the importance of hierarchy: the hierarchy in Polish companies is often more pronounced than in UK companies; understanding and respecting the hierarchical structure can be crucial in the first months of work;

Career development and training

Dążenie do rozwoju zawodowego w nowym kraju może wymagać dodatkowych szkoleń lub certyfikacji. Polska oferuje wiele możliwości rozwoju zawodowego:

  • courses and certificates: consider gaining additional qualifications or certificates that are valued on the Polish labour market; many universities and institutions offer both residential and online courses;
  • mentoring programmes: many companies in Poland introduce mentoring programmes that can help new employees adapt and develop professionally;

Practical challenges after moving from England to Poland

  • housing and transport: finding suitable housing and understanding the local transport system can be one of the first practical challenges; it is useful to familiarise yourself with prices and locations preferred by expats;
  • tax and insurance system: the Polish tax system and social security rules differ from those in the UK; it is worth consulting a tax adviser or accountant to understand your obligations and entitlements.

Moving from England to Poland

Moving to Poland is not only a change of environment, but also an opportunity to develop a career in a newly discovered job market. With a well-prepared plan and openness to new experiences, you can successfully navigate the process and enjoy the new opportunities that Poland offers.