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Sports in Bruges

Being active is essential in keeping yourself happy and healthy – everyone knows that. What can Bruges offer you in terms of an active lifestyle?

Places to work out in Bruges

Bruges offers its citizens a wide variety of gyms and fitness centres, no matter your skills or budget. Multiple places also hold yoga and aerobic classes for you to partake in anytime.

If you’re an avid team sports player and want to improve your existing skills or learn completely new techniques, Bruges got something for you, too. You can attend various classes catered to both beginners and advanced players. Some of them are taught by the professional players or their trainers, so you can get the best education possible.

Professional teams

One of the professional clubs in Bruges is Club Brugge KV, one of the best football clubs in Belgium of all time. Locals in Bruges are very passionate about their champion and are fully supportive of its carrier. Just look at the sports bar anytime the team is playing – but don’t expect it to be quiet at all!

Club Brugge KV is also famous for its rivalry with R.S.C. Anderlecht. They’re both the best football clubs in Belgium, which makes the rivalry even more entertaining to watch for thousand of people. And if you’re a football fan yourself – maybe for you as well.

Running and cycling

Cycling and running are wonderful activities due to being uncomplicated, cheap and very friendly to the environment. Bruges has a lot of paths both within and outside the city for you to travel through and see all the things Bruges has to offer. And you have a lot to see – history, architecture and the Belgian wonders of nature. It’s all waiting for you!

While the human-built cycling paths are great on their own, you’ll find the most breathtaking views and interesting places while cycling on your own, going by the natural paths. Not only are they a little more demanding, but also far less popular and deprived of people. The air is cleaner, too! 

The importance of physical activity

If you’ve just moved to Belgium, physical activity is a great way to get to know locals better and to return to your usual routine after a busy removal. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of running shoes or a bike and go on a small adventure!