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Listen to our clients

We transport everything you need, with one jump. Just like is Kanguro!

Transport from England to Poland carry in professional way on every kilometer

Kanguro offers a transport refined in every detail. Counting every kilometer. Your luggage will be under the conscientious care of specialists,who will take care of the cargo safety, check the reliability of the packaging and the protection of fragile itemsand we will deliver everything on time and place.

Not only because it’s our job.We are honest and decent people.

We transport always in the right direction.

Trust in transportation is essential. You can rely on Kanguro team 100%.Why? Because we run a business based on values greater than profit: on accountability, reliability and commitment.

This is not an empty declaration. We work like this every day.This approach can be seen in every detail: our customer always know where are they belongings, who to call and what the next action will look like. Before the start, you receive a plan of all activities and contact to the person supervising the transport. Simple rules, but changing everything.

The route England-Poland-England is our second home.

We know every corner, tunnel and highway on it. We have a team of trusted people who transport people and their luggage for many years in Poland and England. They are bilingual experts in their field.

Tell us when, where from and to you want to go.We’ll take care of everything

Kanguro Team offers:
  • transport of individual clients England-Poland-England
  • transport of motorcycles England-Poland-England
  • furniture transport England-Poland-England
  • pallet transport England-Poland -England
  • transport of building materials England-Poland -England
  • window transport England-Poland-England
  • machinery transport England-Poland-England
  • transport of equipment England-Poland-England

We have been providing all of these services successfully for many years. We worked in both England and Poland;now we operate in both countries simultaneously.You can see our vans all over Europe.NWe know what is important in transport, and we focus on it 100%. Customers can see our effort and appreciate it. It’s very assuring when you can be assured that your goods are in good hands and soon be delivered on the spot.

Our basic principle is — ou as a customer are not concerned about anything (because you do not have to)

When you order transport with Kanguro, you have your problems solved.

biała ciężarówka express service z logo Kanguro

Kanguro Express Service: even faster!

Kanguro Express Service is a very fast and very reliable transport on the route England-Poland-England — for those who value time and quality.

Sometimes, every hour of delay can be a problem. Express Service means that your goods can be delivered even faster. This is the highest quality of Kanguro services + a unique rate.

Express Service is available for general cargo from 3-40m3.