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Volleyball in Belgium

Volleyball is not the most popular sport in Belgium but has loyal fans throughout the entire country. It is handled entirely by Royal Belgian Volleyball Federation, split into two fractions: VVC for Dutch-speaking and AIF for French-speaking.

Belgian National Teams

Belgian men’s national volleyball team is a team that represents Belgium at international championships, nicknamed “Red Dragons” by their fans. Their most recent success is winning fourth place (of sixteen) at the European Volleyball Championship in 2017 when they lost a match against Serbia (2-3).

Belgian women’s national volleyball team is a team representing Belgium at international championships and friendly matches. They’re nicknamed “Yellow Tigers” by their fans. Their most recent success is getting a third-place at the European Volleyball Championship of 2013 after getting defeated by Germany (2-3).

Men’s league

The top-flight in Belgian men’s volleyball is the Euro Millions Volley League. The first championship was held in 1944 and played every day until the 2020 championships – cancelled due to Covid-related issues. In recent years, the most successful clubs are Noliko Maaseik (12 national, 11 Belgian Cup titles) and Knack Randstad Roeselare (5 national, 6 Belgian Cup). Roeselare is the only Belgian club that had won a European Cup, the CEV Top Teams Cup.

Women’s league

The Division of Honour, known from 2013 as Liga A, is top-flight in Belgian women’s volleyball, founded in 1950 and continued until 2019. The most successful clubs of recent years are Asterix Avo (previously known as Asterix Kieldrecht), Datovoc Tongeren and Dauphines Charleroi. Asterix Avo is the only club having won a European Cup, Women’s CEV Top Teams Cup in 2001.

Notable players

Many players of Belgian origins have received individual awards. 

  • Lowie Stuer won an award for Best Libero at CEV European Championship in 2017.
  • Bram Van Den Dries won multiple individual awards for his skills, including Best Scorer at CEV U19 European Championship in 2007, Most Valuable Player at Europen League in 2013 and Best Opposite at French Championship two times, in 2017 and 2019.
  • Simon Van De Voorde won a Best Blocker title at CEV Cup in 2010.