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Why should you move to Bruges, Belgium?

Bruges is often called “Venice of the North” not without reason. It’s a lovely city to visit while on cation, there’s no doubt about it, but how about living there? Is the charm still present while being a local and seeing it every day?

A quiet place to be

Despite being often overflown with tourists of all kinds, Bruges is still one of the quietest cities in Europe. There are a lot of places undiscovered or unnoticed by the crowds, and more often than not, those are the best places to be or spend your time.

If you need some time for yourself, you’ll effortlessly find a place to rest. There are many places within the lesser-visited parts of the city where you can spend your time in complete silence and beautiful scenery.

The crime rate in Bruges

The crime rate in Bruge is remarkably low – even compared to the rate of Belgium as a whole. The crime rate in Bruges is currently 27.07, with a safety index of about 72.93, while in Belgium, the average is crime rate index of 45.88 and safety index of 54.12.

People of Bruges feel safe while walking around the city at night and are not afraid of being attacked or assaulted on the streets.

Costs of life in Bruges

In Bruges, the price goes with quality. At first glance, the prices might seem high, but the quality of products in Bruge is making up for the money spent on them.

If you plan to rent an apartment in Bruges, the prices should not worry you – they’re one of the cheapest in the entire country. Same with buying a flat – cost of 1 square meter of a flat is very affordable, compared to Belgium altogether.

International village

While walking through the city, you will hear the voices of both locals and tourists – and all of them will be speaking different languages. No matter your ethnicity, country of origin or native language – you will meet someone you’ll have no trouble communicating with on a fluent level.

And despite being a relatively big city, Bruges feels more like a village. If you go around the city, you’ll feel more like going around the local countryside.