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5 attractions you can’t miss in Duisburg

5 atr=tractions you can't miss in Duisburg

If you are going to visit Duisburg or want to move there, it’s worth knowing what awaits you in the city. Read our posts and you will find out where to stay, what are the attractions of Duisburg and where to spend time in this German city.
Here are 5 attractions worth visiting in Duisburg.

1. The Tiger and Turtle roller coaster

Strictly speaking, the landmark is just a sculpture modelled on a rollercoaster. Nevertheless, the view is phenomenal both day and night. Tiger & Turtle is open 24 hours a day and admission is free.

2. Internal port

Beyond Duisburg’s old town, the Inner Harbour begins, the perfect place for lovers of good food, museums, modern architecture or just a cultural stroll in a relaxed atmosphere.

3. industrial culture in the “ExtraSchicht”

Industrial culture like you’ve never seen before is offered on a June night. The annual “ExtraSchicht” event is full of colourful lights, fireworks and cultural events.

4. The Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park

The 180-hectare park extends around a disused ironworks. A gasometer has been transformed into a diving site, an ore bunker into a climbing garden and a blast furnace into an observation tower. Something wonderful!

5. Marxloh

If you visit this district just to see the German street full of wedding fashion shops on Weseler Straße, form an opinion about Marxloh by seeing it for yourself.

Communicating in Duisburg

If you’re planning a move to Duisburg, you need to know that Duisburger Platt, the city’s own dialect, is now considered extinct. But in the poems of Duisburger Hans Weidenbruch, you can get an idea of what Platt sounded like. Today, German from the Ruhr region with an admixture of Lower Rhine is spoken here.