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Author: Kanguro

Moving to Bielefeld through the eyes of a student

Bielefeld is a city that is great for education, it is a large city that has universities, but also a rich nightlife. Prices in the city are affordable, and jobs are waiting for students who graduate from Bielefeld’s universities. If you plan to study in Germany, choose Bielefeld and have a moving company transport...

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Bielefeld, big city with country charm 

Big city and country life, both are possible in Bielefeld. The city has a beautiful medieval old town and many green squares. Low prices and short distances make Bielefeld an ideal place for studying but also for family life. History of Bielefeld Bielefeld was founded in the 9th century and was a regional trading center...

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Tips for moving to Bochum as a student in Germany

What is life like in Bochum? Bochum is a city where a lot of people from abroad move to, including very many students. If you are there for the first time, it will be hard to convince you to go to another city in Germany, because Bochum will affect you strongly over time. Bochum is a place from which it is easy to get...

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4 reasons to visit Charleroi in Belgium

Located an hour from Brussels, Charleroi is often overlooked by tourists in favour of its more popular neighbour. However, it’s a dream weekend destination for lovers of beer, oozing food and art who are travelling on a budget. 1. Flights into the city are very cheap With direct Ryanair flights for €11 each way...

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5 attractions you can’t miss in Duisburg

If you are going to visit Duisburg or want to move there, it’s worth knowing what awaits you in the city. Read our posts and you will find out where to stay, what are the attractions of Duisburg and where to spend time in this German city.Here are 5 attractions worth visiting in Duisburg. 1. The Tiger and Turtle...

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