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Tips for moving to Bochum as a student in Germany

Tips for moving to Bochum as a student in Germany

What is life like in Bochum?

Bochum is a city where a lot of people from abroad move to, including very many students. If you are there for the first time, it will be hard to convince you to go to another city in Germany, because Bochum will affect you strongly over time. Bochum is a place from which it is easy to get to other, larger German cities thanks to the rail and motorway network. The city also has numerous universities and a rich cultural life.

What is student life like in Bochum?

Bochum is a welcoming place for everyone, with many attractions for student and non-student alike. You can find some special offers for students in restaurants, shops, museums, sports centres and other cultural places. Students can earn a living with a lot of effort by working part-time in and around Bochum. Of course, the German language is prevalent in Bochum, so knowing it will be a big advantage.

Is it expensive to live in Bochum?

Bochum is a city where it is cheaper than from most German big cities. The Ausländeramt has assigned a student living allowance, so it’s easier to support yourself there. A good idea to reduce monthly expenses is to rent a flat or dormitory together with friends. Most student flats in Bochum have unlimited high-speed internet access offered by the university. You can save 20-30€ that you would have paid for a private internet connection. To conclude the above, the cost of living is affordable even for a student.
Are there problems finding accommodation in Bochum?
To some extent, it is difficult to find a place to live in Bochum, due to the fact that the number of students moving to this city increases every year. However, you can send online applications well in advance and in most cases you can contact employers by phone.

What restaurants are there in Bochum?

In Bochum you will find almost all kinds of cuisine, from Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek, to traditional German. Once you arrive in Bochum, you can go crazy over dishes such as kebabs, croissants and schnitzels. You can of course find all the popular chains such as McDonald’s and KFC there.

What places to visit in Bochum?

There is the popular Kamnader See lake, where you can walk, cycle or do water sports. The Planetarium is the second must-see in Bochum. Bochum has a tradition of coal mines. However, they have all been closed long ago, but the Mining Museum has been built to commemorate them. There is also the Railway Museum, where you can see old steam locomotives that were used during the war and take a ride on them. In addition, Bochum and Ruhrpark are very popular with shopping enthusiasts.

Tips for students coming to Bochum

Before coming to Bochum, it’s a good idea to do a little research. It is advisable to be open and communicative. There are many pages on Facebook and other social networks dedicated to Bochum, belonging to the student community. Take advantage of this and make friends. After all, you are moving to Bochum to study, so study well and have fun at the same time!