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Salary in Germany

Moving to Germany usually involves a desire to improve your working conditions. So what are the average salaries?

According to the salary scale, the annual average salaries in Germany for the following positions are as follows:

Business Development Manager – €52,390,

Civil engineer – 37,341 Euros,

Information Technology (IT) Consultant – €53,351,

Marketing Manager – 49,113 euro,

PHP programmer – 44,022 euro,

Project Engineer – €50,156,

Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) – €60,149,

SAP consultant – 58,678 euro.

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Moving to Germany,  salary for a German teacher

Teacher salaries in Germany are among the highest in Europe. The total income from teaching in a school depends on the amount of time each teacher spends teaching, but the fixed minimum wage is also very high. A primary school teacher in Germany earns on average between €38,000 and over €52,000 per year.

Teacher experience translates into higher salaries in proportion to seniority. In Luxembourg, however, teachers can earn around twice as much as in Germany – up to €100,000 per year.

On the other side of Europe, in Balkan countries such as Bulgaria, teachers work for a humiliating annual income of around €5,000 a year.

Moving to Germany, doctor’s salary

Medical graduates in Germany have the privilege of earning some of the highest ceilings in Europe for their work. Currently, a German doctor who has just graduated earns an average of €50,000/year. There is hardly any other academic discipline that offers better opportunities for graduates in terms of salary.

Moving to Germany, the salary of professor

German professors are appointed on a special scale called the W scale. Junior academics in the industry fall into the W1 pay scale and are paid at least €3,500 per month.

W2 professors earn on average 10-15% more and are paid up to €3,900 per month.

W3 professors receive a basic salary of around €5,000 per month. Of course, there are performance bonuses available to all German professors, which can bring additional income into the budget.