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Moving to Bielefeld through the eyes of a student

Moving to Bielefeld through the eyes of a student

Bielefeld is a city that is great for education, it is a large city that has universities, but also a rich nightlife. Prices in the city are affordable, and jobs are waiting for students who graduate from Bielefeld’s universities. If you plan to study in Germany, choose Bielefeld and have a moving company transport your belongings. Who knows, maybe after graduation you will become a permanent resident of this beautiful German city. 

How do you like living in Bielefeld?

I come from a city where several million people live. That’s the main reason why I love Bielefeld, it’s a small city. I also like the fact that I am here with several other international students. That’s the kind of multicultural life I live here.

What is your student life like?

I have been told that as an Erasmus student you are not a “real student, but rather a tourist”. It’s true, we don’t study like regular students. But we have to do a lot of homework and exams to pass. The lecturers are really friendly and helpful. I’m even taking a German class this semester, and the lecturers help me understand everything in class.

Why did you choose Bielefeld?

I had two options to study in Germany. One option was Bielefeld, while the other was Bochum. I looked on the internet for information about universities and gained some knowledge about it. Some of my friends also studied here, and they encouraged me to study in Bielefeld. In the end, I chose this city because some of my courses are offered here in English.

How did you prepare for your stay in Germany?

When I received confirmation that I could study in Bielefeld, I started a two-month German language course. I tried to improve my German as much as possible. Other than that, I didn’t have to do much because the International Office helped me with other things and formalities.

How did you manage to find an apartment in Bielefeld?

When I sent my documents to the University, I got an email from the International Office asking if I needed help finding an apartment. They were the ones who found me accommodation. Now I live in an apartment with five other Erasmus students.

What was one of the first things you noticed upon arrival?

The first thing I noticed was the punctuality and discipline that Germans have. Everything was planned and there was never a problem without a solution.

Moving to Bielefeld

Moving to another city or maybe country is a difficult decision. Analyze the cities in Germany and choose the right one for you. Berlin, Dortmund, Essen or maybe Bielefeld. Visit our blog posts and find the moving city for you and your family.