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5 reasons to love Berlin

Anyone who lives in Berlin can confirm that the city exudes a unique atmosphere. Life in the German capital brings with it special qualities that residents quickly learn to love and that make the city’s sons and daughters return to the bosom of their homeland after a certain period of abstinence. What makes Berlin so special as a city, and what factors do residents and visitors particularly appreciate about it? We got to the heart of this question.

What do people expect from their favorite city?

In order to enjoy living in a city, people not only need basic things like secure jobs and good health care, but also healthy infrastructure, etc. No, they need enough space for personal development, for sports and hobbies, for business with family, meeting friends.
There should also be a diverse cultural offer. The capital combines all this perfectly. It offers a vibrant city, a booming economy, and at the same time enough opportunities for leisure and recreation, green spaces, swimming lakes and excursion destinations. As a result, Berliners can easily achieve a healthy work-life balance.

1. Cultural diversity

One decisive factor in this context is the multitude of different cultural influences. People from every conceivable corner of the world have settled in Berlin, and they do not feel culturally restricted in this cosmopolitan metropolis and can develop accordingly. This circumstance ensures a great culinary diversity, for example. So anyone who particularly wants to experiment in this area will get something for themselves here.
When it comes to culture itself, languages, religions and mentalities, Berlin is known for its diversity far beyond its borders. So if you like to travel to discover new things, are interested in other worldviews, appreciate different perspectives, and want to educate yourself linguistically, you don’t even have to leave the city limits to do so.

2. Good living and working conditions

Berlin is a city of startups, fashion and artists. Technology startups, new creative companies and all kinds of artists such as painters and writers come together here. They can all turn their passion into a profession here, as Berlin has a well-developed economy in every industry. But also writers, street artists, painters and all kinds of creative people can find enough free time and inspiration in Berlin to realize themselves.
Berliners are also generally happy with their living situation because they can combine living close to nature with good shopping locations and infrastructure. Particularly popular are charming apartments in old townhouses with their own character.

3. Education, infrastructure and health

The school system and educational opportunities are also second to none. There is a wide selection of suitable schools, special schools and opportunities for further education. Berlin also has four universities with a very good reputation: The Free University, Humboldt University, the Technical University and the College of Fine Arts.
Whether you’re going to school or to work, Berlin has no shortage of public transportation, cabs or bike lanes. On the other hand, it is inevitable that many people are on the move at the same time, but in this respect Berlin is no different from other large cities. Getting from point A to point B is therefore no problem for Berliners.
Berliners can’t complain about medical care either, with specialists in over 33 fields at their disposal. In addition, there are clinics that guarantee optimal care in case of illness. Beauty and cosmetics are also taken care of at wellness & spa centers and beauty temples.

4. Leisure activities

Berlin also has a lot to offer in terms of other leisure activities. For example, movie buffs can indulge their passion in dozens of cinemas. From Hollywood blockbusters to alternative art films, all tastes can be catered for in the capital.
For those who like a slightly sportier style, there should be nothing missing in Berlin. There is perhaps no greater choice of sports fields, lakes and clubs in Berlin where you can pursue your hobby with like-minded people. Here, every pot will find its lid, as the variety of sporting opportunities is considerable and the number of clubs is huge.
Amusement parks can be found all over Germany, but in Berlin everything is a bit bigger or more spectacular. When Berliners or their guests want to experience something special, they don’t just visit the zoos or Sea Life Berlin, they choose their favorite spots from an offering that almost no other city has. Filmpark Babelsber, Legoland Discovery Centre, Madame Tussauds, the Berlin Dungeons and Tropical Island are places where there is something for everyone, from children to adults.

5. Eating and Shopping in Berlin

Berliners eat not only a variety of foods, but also unusual foods. Here you can find a variety of restaurants not found in other cities.

There is a TV tower with a good view, or a bar that offers a menu in total darkness. There is also a restaurant on a ship, a medieval menu, mystery diners, restaurants from the sixties or a futuristic restaurant concept with no cash and almost no employees. Berlin has no shortage of fun, exciting and unusual restaurant ideas that make every meal something special.
Shopping in Berlin is an adventure. Many famous and vibrant shopping streets tempt you not only with bargains but also with luxury goods. Kurfürstendamm, “Unter den Linden” and Alexanderplatz are three of the most popular.

Moving to Berlin

A vibrant cauldron of creative and innovative leisure opportunities and great living and working conditions, Berlin will attract everyone. Whether punk, rocker, goth, ethnic and religious affiliation, everyone is allowed to be who they want to be and enjoy as much personal freedom as possible. So if you are curious about living in this multicultural city move over and enjoy the amenities that Berlin has.