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Nuremberg, a happy city

Nuremberg, a happy city

The inhabitants of Nuremberg are basically happy people. According to a survey conducted by the city’s statistics office, they are even happier than the average German. However, there are clear differences between the city’s districts.

Happy people in Nuremberg

Officials at Nuremberg’s statistics office know just how happy Nurembergers are. For her analysis, the sociologist examined data from a 2013 household survey. 4700 Nurembergers answered questions about happiness and satisfaction.
On a scale of one to ten, the respondents are on average 7.2 points satisfied with their lives. This is slightly above the German average of seven points. Money, love and the right age are particularly important for happiness in life. Health also plays an important role, but was not explicitly included in the survey.
The happiest people in Nuremberg are between the ages of 30 and 45. During this time people are getting married, earning well and starting families, said one of the respondents. As people get older, he says, it is mainly health problems that give people trouble.

Happiness in Nuremberg

But the differences between neighbourhoods are striking. In Katzwang and Kornburg, around two-thirds of the residents are very happy (values on a scale of eight to ten). In Eberhardshof and Muggenhof, on the other hand, it is only less than a third.
The reasons for this can be found in the city’s social space analysis. It classifies neighbourhoods according to different criteria. Where there are many unemployed people who have to get by on little money, there is greater dissatisfaction with life in Nuremberg.

Moving to the “lucky city”

If you are planning to move to another city or perhaps country, consider Nuremberg. There are many attractions and opportunities in the city, and the residents are infectious with their happiness. As we know, being around good people fuels us positively. So contact our company and plan your move today.