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Nuremberg, the German city to move to

Nuremberg, the German city to move to

Nuremberg is not for nothing the second largest city in Bavaria. An economic centre, a paradise for shopping enthusiasts, and a beautiful setting. The mighty Kaiserburg towers over the magnificent city centre, while the rest of the cityscape is also characterised by the distinct romanticism of the Middle Ages and the “Fränggisch” sociable nature of its inhabitants. In total, the metropolis has around 515,000 inhabitants in ten city districts and 87 smaller neighbourhoods.

Where to move to in Nuremberg?

Admittedly, the ten districts and 87 municipalities make it difficult to decide where to live. Popular residential areas are the city centre with its small streets and the Nordstadt with its fashionable houses and town villas.
Those who prefer to live in the countryside, on the other hand, should settle in the eastern part of the city or on the outskirts, for example in the districts of Fischbach, Gartenstadt or Erlenstegen. Especially families feel at home there.
However, students should look for a flat in Bleiweiß, Reichelsdorf, Neuröthenbach or Altenfurt. The flats there offer space for communal living and there are shopping facilities, cafés and pubs in the immediate vicinity. Furthermore, the transport connections to these districts are excellent.

Nuremberg events

Traditionally, every year at the beginning of June, metalheads from all over the world meet at the Rock im Park festival. Since 1997, an open-air festival with hard guitars has taken place in the Dutzendteich National Park. Whoever prefers to listen to violins and flutes instead of drums and electric guitars, cannot miss in Luitpoldhain, the Klassik Open Air. It is the largest open-air classical music concert in Europe. So musically there is a lot going on at the “Franggenländle”.

Nationalities in Nuremberg

22.6 percent of Nuremberg’s inhabitants have a migrant background or come directly from abroad. A total of 162 countries are represented in Nuremberg, along with interesting languages, tasty food and international supermarkets. So if you don’t always like home cooking, you can choose the cuisine you want to try, including Persian at Safran or Indian at Namaste.

Leisure activities in Nuremberg

Apart from culinary diversity and music festivals, Nuremberg also offers many other leisure activities. The city centre is the largest shopping line in Germany. Numerous parks and green areas invite you to relax and get some fresh air. Baths and thermal baths are just as affordable as visits to the cinema or admissions to cabarets.