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8 reasons to move to Antwerp

8 reasons to move to Antwerp

As exciting as moving to another country to earn a living seems, it’s also just as scary! And this nervousness is completely justified. You’re moving to an unfamiliar country, with the intention of making it your home for the long term, or perhaps permanently.

Choosing the perfect place to move to is quite a conundrum . For all the right reasons, Antwerp is gaining popularity as a hot choice among expats. Of course, there are pros and cons to living in Antwerp. So, if you’re moving to Antwerp, it’s worth reading our posts on living and living in Antwerp. Here are some reasons why you should move to Antwerp.

1. Affordable Antwerp housing

As remote workers in Antwerp, housing is one aspect you need to pay close attention to. Even though buying a house in this city is very easy, it might not be feasible for you. Therefore, you can easily consider renting a flat. Renting flats or houses in Antwerp is equally easy and hassle-free. It can be more expensive in the city centre. However, Antwerp has some amazing green neighbourhoods around the centre. Fortunately, these neighbourhoods are also affordable. If you have limited sources of income, you can also opt for social housing. All you need to do is register and provide your bank statements and employment contract as proof. You will certainly qualify for social housing.

2. Convenient public transport in the city

Trams, trains, metro, buses, you name it, the city has it! A well-connected and extensive transport network allows you to move around the city effortlessly. This makes it possible for everyone to travel for both business and pleasure. If you live in Antwerp, it is very easy to get around the city as well as to visit other cities. The train connections between Antwerp and Brussels are really fast and good. You can reach the Belgian capital in just 20 minutes.

3. Freedom in Antwerp

Belgium is generally a very free country. You have freedom to do almost everything, freedom of speech, to protest, to exercise your rights. So basically Antwerp is a place where you can live without the hassle of excessive rules and regulations. So whether you are a resident of Antwerp, someone who has recently moved to Antwerp or an employee in Antwerp, the rules remain the same for everyone.

4. Time outdoors

Belgians, and especially Antwerp residents, love hiking and being outdoors. As soon as there is even one ray of sunshine, not only the terraces in the city are filled, but also the beer glasses. Belgians are very proud of their beers, and rightly so. Visit a few bars and you’ll quickly make contact with other people.

5. Religious tolerance

This is quite a problem in most cities in the world, where religious tolerance simply does not exist. But not in Antwerp. It is a completely blissful place where you can not only live, but also practice your faith freely, without any worries. This widespread religious tolerance in the city is also a result of freedom of speech. Because many different religions live together in Antwerp, the city is truly multicultural. Most of the time, everything remains peaceful and everyone accepts each other. Furthermore, there are many clubs that you can become a member of.

6. Job opportunities in Antwerp

This city has one of the busiest ports in Europe. Many large companies and multinationals have their headquarters there, which offers many job opportunities. You can read more about the port of Antwerp here. It’s not just port operators that are based in this city. Plenty of other amazing companies too. Looking for something in marketing or PR? Be sure to find something in Antwerp. Some of the best agencies are located right in Antwerp.

7. Culture and entertainment of the city

When it comes to relaxing or visiting some museums, Antwerp has many options and attractions. There are many museums, parks and even breweries. Antwerp offers some of the best beers in the world.

If you like a slightly more sober approach to life, there are plenty of museums to choose from! For example, MAS is an amazing museum with a beautiful view! Furthermore, you can visit the Rubens Huis, the Red Starline Museum, the Museum of Photography. You can find all this in Antwerp!

8. Weather in a Belgian city

The weather can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Overall, Antwerp is a great place to live. But be prepared for dark, cold and rainy winter days. In winter, the sun sets at 4pm and rises at 9am. Make sure you are prepared for short days. The sun doesn’t come out very often in winter. In the summer, it’s a whole different story. You have amazing summer days and can enjoy them to the fullest in parks, bars or festivals.

Moving to Antwerp

If you’re planning a move to Antwerp take the above points into consideration. Maybe one of them will be the reason why you choose this city in Belgium. When moving to Antwerp, you will need a reliable mover to take care of your belongings. Consult us and don’t worry about your luggage, furniture or even your pets.