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Antiques and collectables during the moving

There is no reason why your antiques and collectables should be damaged or destroyed during removal. A bit of common sense and basic preparation can keep your beloved objects in the same condition as before. Whether you are moving to the other end of town or somewhere much further away.

Removal and transport of antiques

Here are ten great tips on how to store antiques and collectables safely when moving.

  • Find good quality boxes: you have several options. You can buy new ones, used from e.g. markets, or borrow them from friends.
  • Reinforce the boxes: reinforce the bottoms of the boxes with packing tape if they will contain heavy or very fragile items. You can do this quickly and easily using just two additional strips of packaging tape.
  • Always pack delicate or “fragile” items with padded materials such as styrofoam nuts, bubble wrap or newspaper pieces. You can also use old shirts, towels or underwear to protect items. Just make sure that the used material is clean!
  • Special boxes: Use special boxes to pack large, flat objects such as mirrors and paintings. They can be ordered online or bought from a professional removal company. Ask for corner protectors to provide extra protection for larger items.
  • Label everything: mark every box containing delicate or fragile objects in several places. It’s often best to write a word on the box with a permanent marker, but you can also use a special label. Buy high-quality labels so that they don’t peel off when you carry them. Make sure the letters are as large as possible so that even the most exhausted repairman can see them clearly.
  • Packing books, comics and magazines: pack paper articles, such as paperback books, comics and magazines, in strong plastic bags. This will protect them from moisture and insects as well as general consumption.
  • Placing an additional layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the reinforced box will provide an additional layer of protection for particularly heavy objects. Simply cut off extra 2-3 squares and place them on the bottom of the box.
  • Protection of metal objects: Some metal items, including tin toys, cutlery and brass lamps, can easily be damaged or scratched during removal. These items can be easily protected by wrapping them in bubble wrap or placing them in a box filled with styrofoam nuts. It would also be good to wrap them in old clothes or linen.
  • Empty items: If your antiques have an indentation inside ( such as vases, glasses, ceramic items, etc.), it is strongly recommended to fill in their empty inside. Simply put squashed newspapers or bubble wrap inside and place them in boxes with styrofoam nuts or bubble wrap.
  • Pack your most valuable things first. It is best to book one day to pack only antiques and collectables. This way you can make sure that your valuable family treasures are properly packed before you move on to packing all other items at home. Taking all this into account, it is important to use the services of a professional removal company with a good reputation when moving antiques, collectables and valuables. Spending a few pence or cents more can help preserve your souvenirs and collectables for future generations.