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Düsseldorf, the student city

Düsseldorf is popular with many people and offers a high quality of life. Therefore, living in the large city is somewhat more expensive than, for example, in the Ruhr area, a neighbouring metropolitan area. In alternative districts, such as Flingern or Bilk, many students live in inexpensive shared flats because they like the atmosphere of these neighbourhoods. If you have more money, you might be interested in the district of Pempelfort. Many students also live there, but rents are much more expensive.

Attractions in Düsseldorf

No matter which district you live in, you will often be in the Altstadt, the city centre of Düsseldorf. There you will find not only shops and shopping centres, but also museums, galleries and theatres. If you want to go out in the evening, the Altstadt is also worth a look as Düsseldorf has the “World’s Longest Bar”, around 50 bars and restaurants line Bolkerstraße and attract locals and tourists every evening.

Düsseldorf’s nightlife

Kurze Straße is particularly popular with students. There you will find pubs such as “Schaukelstühlchen”, “Kürzer” and “Chez Cherie”, where you will meet many young people. The whole street is lined with bars and pubs, so you can spend warm summer nights on the street with a beer in hand. The regional beer is “Alt”. Even if you find Alt beer too bitter, you should never order “Kölsch” here, as this beer comes from Cologne (and the two cities are in constant competition).

Recreation in the city

You will quickly feel the cosiness of the city. In parks like the Volksgarten or the Hofgarten, people relax during their lunch break and also on weekends. On the Rhine meadows on both sides of the river, many Düsseldorf residents study, exercise and relax. Picnics and barbecue evenings are particularly popular there. A short rest can be experienced near the media port. On the beach by the Rhine you will quickly feel like you are on the coast or on an island.

Moving to Düsseldorf

If you are interested in the city, be sure to read the previous articles about Düsseldorf. It is a popular city with something for everyone. Remember what you need to take care of before you leave and move, and the transportation of your belongings will be taken care of for you by a company that will bring in your furniture, pack your valuables and take care of all the transportation.