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Finding a job in Antwerp after moving here

Finding a job in Antwerp after moving here

Antwerp’s population is growing steadily. In recent years, many young families have flocked to the city centre, which has contributed to new urban developments throughout the city. And they know very well why they do it: Antwerp is the cultural capital of the region, and the Sportpaleis proudly ranks eighth in the world on the list of best-selling sports facilities. The nightlife is also vibrant, with plenty of theatres, more restaurants and bars than you can visit in a lifetime and some stunningly wonderful museums.
On top of this, Antwerp is a great place to raise children. The teachers and schools are among the best in Europe, the local sports clubs are open to all, and every month several kilometres of bike lanes are added to the already bike-friendly inner city streets. Buying or renting a flat in Antwerp is also cheaper than in most European cities.

Languages in Antwerp

Antwerp is a small city with an international character. This is due to the fact that the inhabitants speak more than one official language. Nevertheless, the inhabitants speak Brabant-Antwerp, a variety of Dutch.
As the city is located in Flanders, Antwerp is a very different city from the rest of Belgium. The French culture of the capital is not replicated in Antwerp, but the inhabitants also speak French. As half of the population speaks at least three foreign languages, it is certainly much easier to get along with the local population.

Working in Antwerp

If you want to work in Antwerp after your move, you have a good chance of finding a job quickly. The job market is still attractive enough to make it worthwhile to come and work in Antwerp, even though income tax in Belgium is the highest in Europe. There are plenty of jobs in Antwerp, also for foreigners. Of course, most are Dutch because they don’t have to learn an additional language. English is the language that is also spoken in Belgium, but French and German are more common there. The only document needed to move to Belgium is a valid passport.
The business culture is similar in both Belgium and the Netherlands, but can certainly differ slightly. The business language in Antwerp is Flemish. The business world is more formal. Nevertheless, Antwerp is neutral, especially compared to other cities, for example Brussels.

Tips for working in Antwerp

  • Belgians like to compromise;
  • punctuality is very important in Belgian business culture;
  • business people in Belgium are very elegant;
  • do not bring up personal issues at work;
  • do not be direct and confrontational.

Removal companies to Antwerp

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