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First apartment together | How to move in as a couple?

Moving in together is an important step in the life of any couple. The prospect of spending more time with your other half fills you with excitement and joy. However, this is not a change to be taken lightly: living together means re-learning how to organize your life in harmony with the other person, not to mention the many administrative procedures involved in moving. How to deal with it? How to move in as a couple and not go crazy?

What to keep in mind before moving in together for the first time?

Living with a partner under one roof requires a lot of organization – it’s best to agree in advance on various aspects of living together so that everything goes smoothly. Here are things to think about even before moving in together.

Choosing a house or apartment

The ideal house or ideal apartment is halfway between your workplace and your partner’s workplace. The neighborhood should be close to amenities and meet your needs while staying within a set budget. It is worth remembering that finding the perfect place to live is not always easy and sometimes you have to compromise.

We advise you to start by renting an apartment rather than buying one, because after living together for a while it will be easier to determine your joint needs. If you move in with your partner because he or she already rents or owns a house, you will have no rights to the property. In the case of separation, you will need to move out. This, of course, does not prevent you from living together, but it is something to keep in mind before leaving your current residence.

Organization of living together

Moving in together means adopting and accepting a new rhythm of life. To make sure everything goes smoothly, discuss the daily organization before moving in together and clearly define roles: who cooks, who does the dishes, who pays the bills, etc. That way, when you move in, everything will be clear and you can make the most of your time together. This will also help avoid later conflicts.

Divide finances

Since you will be living together, some of the costs you incur will now be shared – especially those related to rent and shopping. It’s a good idea to agree on everything calmly and set a time to talk about splitting expenses. The most common solution is a 50/50 split, where partners share equal costs, or a percentage split, based on each person’s income.

It’s also a good idea to decide to open a joint bank account, which will allow you to easily separate personal expenses from joint ones.

How to deal with stress before living together for the first time?

Moving in together as a couple for the first time is an exciting step in your life together. However, it can also be a source of stress: finding a new apartment, organizing the move, agreeing on difficult issues such as household chores and financial management, and adjusting to a new pace of life can all be overwhelming.

To cope with the stress of moving as a couple, divide up tasks (who books the moving company, who handles the paperwork, etc.), and don’t hesitate to ask loved ones for help if you feel overwhelmed. It’s also a good idea to take a few days off work for more freedom and peace of mind.