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Author: Monika Kraska

Moving: How to move with an aquarium?

When a person is faced with a move, the prospect of moving an aquarium to a new location can seem daunting. On average, a person switches living places several times in a lifetime, so this is a problem that most fish owners will have to face sooner or later. How to move an aquarium safely? We suggest! Moving with an aquarium...

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Moving: What to pay attention to during the apartment tour?

Moving always means a change of residence. Deciding whether to buy or rent a particular apartment is generally not an easy decision. Once we have our sights set on an apartment, all that remains is to go to view it. Owners often use various tricks to make it look better than it really is. How not to be fooled? What to pay...

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How to prepare your house for sale?

Every removal is, in a sense, leaving the past behind. Sometimes we leave our family nest, and sometimes we leave our own house, which we have to do something with. Selling a house is no small undertaking, which requires the owner to take many steps to make the whole thing successful. How to prepare a house for sale? We’ll...

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What is worth eating in Provence?

We travel the world not only to see beautiful sights. We travel the world to learn about the culture and customs of other nations, as well as to taste a country’s regional delicacies. Lying in the south of France, Provence, while mostly known for its huge lavender crops and unusual tourist attractions, also boasts...

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What is Provence in France famous for?

Provence is a trendy region in southeastern France. It has been drawing crowds for years with its charming climate. It seems as if the people of Provence live a slower and more peaceful life than other French people, which is the envy of visitors. When going on a trip to this region, it is worth asking yourself: what is...

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What documents do you need when traveling to EU countries?

Are you going to travel to the European Union countries? Or maybe you have a move ahead of you? If so, you certainly want to know what you need to bring with you to cross the borders of foreign countries without any problems. Visa, passport, or maybe just an ID card? What documents do you need to travel within the European...

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