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Moving: How to move with an aquarium?

When a person is faced with a move, the prospect of moving an aquarium to a new location can seem daunting. On average, a person switches living places several times in a lifetime, so this is a problem that most fish owners will have to face sooner or later. How to move an aquarium safely? We suggest!

Moving with an aquarium – how to prepare fish for the move?

The first step in moving with an aquarium is to prepare its inhabitants for the upcoming journey. About 24 to 48 hours before the planned departure, you should stop feeding the fish to reduce the level of contaminants. During transport, they could lead to the development of various diseases and even the death of some individuals. If there are already sick fish in the aquarium, separate them from the healthy ones as soon as possible to avoid infection. 

Transporters for fish – which are suitable for moving?

In order to move the aquarium successfully, it is essential to get the right fish transporters. Under no circumstances should the fish be moved in ordinary plastic bags – prolonged contact with water can cause the release of toxins, and the film itself does not guarantee airtightness and durability. 

Transport of fish should be done in special aquarium breathing bags, created just for this purpose. They should be filled with water to, more or less, ⅓ of the height to guarantee the fish an adequate level of oxygen. If necessary, you can assist with a special oxygen tablet, which will take care of optimal conditions for our charges. 

For the duration of the trip, the fish should be placed in a shaded area to reduce their stress levels. It is also important to provide adequate support during transport – do not allow the aquarium bags to be exposed to strong shocks and movements.

How to protect the aquarium for travel?

Both fish and plants should not be transported directly in the aquarium, so it should be emptied before moving. This is also a good opportunity to wash it properly and get rid of unnecessary decorations and accessories. Thus prepared aquarium should be properly protected against breakage – bubble wrap and stretch film are useful for this. It is a good idea to fasten the vessel during transport with special straps to avoid moving it.

Remember to take some of the water with you to your new home – this will allow the fish to get used to the new place (and different water), as well as reduce their stress and anxiety.