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Moving: What to pay attention to during the apartment tour?

| Monika Kraska |

Moving always means a change of residence. Deciding whether to buy or rent a particular apartment is generally not an easy decision. Once we have our sights set on an apartment, all that remains is to go to view it. Owners often use various tricks to make it look better than it really is. How not to be fooled? What to pay attention to when viewing an apartment?

Visual inspection of the apartment: The stairway

The first room we see when going to inspect an apartment is, of course, the stairway. Its condition can tell a lot about the tenants living in the building, as well as whether the caretaker is fulfilling his duties. If going inside, we smell a bad odor, see graffiti on the walls, or other signs of devastation, we should set ourselves up for the scenario that our potential neighbors may turn out to be people with not very good manners.

Inspection of the apartment: Interior condition

After passing the stairway, we finally come to our main point – the apartment. After opening the door, it’s worth trusting your intuition and not forgetting your first impression. Although it can sometimes be illusory, it is often a very good oracle and helps in making the final decision.

When scanning the interior, be sure to pay attention to:

  • the condition of the windows, interior, and exterior doors
  • the appearance of the flooring and what it was made of
  • the walls and ceiling, especially in the bathroom and kitchen – this is where moisture and fungus most often appear
  • electrical outlets and how they are installed
  • the appearance of the skirting boards
  • the condition of the bathroom, including the bathtub/shower and other ceramics
  • kitchen equipment, and whether any insects have nested in its nooks and crannies

Inspection of the apartment: What to ask the landlord?

Talking to the landlord is a real mine of knowledge about the apartment in question – if he is honest, of course. What to ask the landlord before renting or buying an apartment?

First of all, it’s a good idea to determine the most important issues related to a given apartment – the amount of all fees, the due date of rent payments, and whether the furnishings stay or are taken away. It’s also a good idea to inquire about the neighbors – whether they don’t cause trouble and what age they are. This is important if you want to get a guarantee of a peaceful stay in your new apartment.