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How to rent an apartment in France?

What do we associate France with? With good cuisine, great works of art, and phenomenal wines. What, on the other hand, does the country not associate with? Certainly not with an intricate legal system – and yet. Moving to France is quite a complicated process, and renting an apartment there is quite a challenge. For a rental agreement to take place, it is necessary to meet several criteria and requirements as well as to have the appropriate documentation. So how do you rent an apartment in France?

Renting an apartment in France – Necessary documents

One of the most important documents needed to rent an apartment in France is a contract of employment. On this basis, the landlord makes sure that we can afford to pay the rent. If we don’t have one yet, sometimes all we need is a statement of intent from the future employer. In conclusion, you won’t rent an apartment in France if you don’t have a source of income.

Although concluding a contract directly with the owner of the apartment is a cheaper option because then we do not have to pay a commission if your French is very poor, it is worthwhile to go to the real estate agency for help. In this case, the company will take care of the proper conduct of the entire process of renting an apartment and will ensure that there is no fraud. Once we have completed all the formalities, per French rental law, we need to purchase insurance, which cost varies around 40€, and sign a contract with the electricity supplier.

Other documents you should bring with you to the signing of the rental agreement are: a copy of your identity card (passport or ID card), the last three pay stubs, bank details, a tax statement for the last year, and evidence that you have been regularly paying rent at your previous place of residence – if you got any. The tenant may also require other documents – then you should make individual arrangements with him.

Apartments for rent in France – Types and prices of rent

You will face many challenges before moving to France. To save yourself the trouble on the spot, it’s a good idea to look around the local real estate market while you’re still in your home country. France offers two types of apartment rentals. The first is a short-term rental – the contract is concluded for a year, and the offered properties are usually already fully equipped. The second type is a long-term lease lasting three years. In this case, the apartments are unfinished and often do not have a kitchen.

When it comes to rental prices for apartments in France, the principle is similar as everywhere: cheaper apartments can be found on the outskirts of cities, more expensive – in the very center. The monthly rental price in larger cities, such as Paris, fluctuates around €1,000, in smaller cities, it already costs about €550. We can find a simple studio apartment for as little as 350€. The fee for utilities should not amount to much more than €100 per month.

The real estate market in France is quite attractive relative to the salaries there. Although the rental process is not an easy one, all the formalities are designed to ensure the safety of both the renter and the landlord.