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How to secure a piano during the removal?

Transporting a piano – seemingly sounds like a not-very-complicated task. Although its dimensions and weight may cause some concern, beds or closets are also sometimes sizable, and yet many people manage to successfully transport them on their own. But is it a good idea to put such a delicate instrument as a piano at risk of serious damage due to little experience in transporting pianos? You can read about how to secure a piano during a move in the following article.

Moving with a piano – practical tips

A piano is a heavy, bulky, and particularly delicate musical instrument. Even a tiny amount of moisture or gentle shocks can harm it. So, during the move, be patient and take the utmost precautions to make the whole thing a success.

First of all, it is advisable to equip yourself with the necessary equipment to secure the piano:

  • A cover large enough to wrap the piano and protect it from scratches
  • Safety straps that will hold the piano in one place during car transport
  • Bubble wrap or stretch film, which will serve to protect the more delicate parts of the piano (lid, keys, legs)

When everything is ready, we can proceed to secure the piano. If it is necessary to use adhesive tape, remember that under no circumstances should it adhere directly to the instrument – it can damage the piano’s delicate wooden shell. 

As important step as securing the piano is planning the route. Before leaving, make sure that there is no possibility of a detour the winding and bumpy roads that could contribute to damage to the instrument.

How to move a piano?

During removal, the most difficult thing is not the transportation itself, but moving the piano. One person can certainly not cope with this task – 3 to 6 people are needed here. However, before you start the moving process, make sure that the doorway, elevator, or staircase is large enough – sometimes it so happens that it is necessary to carry the instrument using a special platform, through a window or balcony.

When moving the piano, it is helpful to have a transport cart, which allows you to relocate the instrument efficiently, without a lot of force. When rolling the piano to the car, remember to belay it from all sides, and once the instrument is inside – do not forget to secure it with straps.

Transporting a piano – by yourself or with professionals?

The answer to this question will always remain clear – transporting the piano with professionals is the safest possible option. Any independent action can do more harm than good – if you use the services of a professional moving company, specialists experienced in piano transportation will take care of the instrument and safely deliver it to its destination.