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Removal to Avignon | Cost of living, for who

Located in Provence (southern France), Avignon is a charming city that occupies an enviable position along the banks of the Rhone River. It has been high on every tourist’s list of places to visit for decades. Here, people live their own rhythm, not paying attention to the eternally rushing surroundings. Many travelers, after experiencing the charm of Avignon, decide to settle here permanently and start a new chapter in life. However, is it a good place to live? In the following article, we outline the most important things to be aware of if you have a move to Avignon ahead of you.

Cost of living in Avignon | Prices and currency in Avignon

The city of Avignon has a wide range of stores, restaurants, and food discounters, so the daily cost of living for a single person can vary, depending on your tastes, preferences, and habits. By shopping at markets, of which there are many in the south of France, you can save a considerable amount of money on groceries. Going to the market is also a great opportunity to chat with locals and expand your circle of friends.

In Avignon, as in all of France, the functioning currency is the Euro (€). This city offers a large selection of restaurants: both five-star and less exclusive, with menus at affordable prices. At a local bistro, we’ll have a delicious meal for as little as about €15 – €20. Markets offer basic groceries, such as bread, water, milk, potatoes or rice, at prices not exceeding €2. France is known for its excellent wines, so we can’t forget about them – the cost of one bottle of mid-range wine is about €7.

The cost of living in Avignon is not significantly different from other areas of France. The average price for renting a studio apartment in the center starts at 340 euros per month. Looking for apartments of a higher standard and square footage, we can come across offers starting as low as 800€ per month.

Removal to Avignon – for who?

Avignon is a picturesque city in which, however, not everyone will find themselves. The laid-back lifestyle of the locals may not appeal to young people and slightly more party-oriented souls. Removal to Avignon is a good choice for those who appreciate routine, beautiful views and tranquility. The city, therefore, seems to be a great option for retirees.

Artists will also find their place in Avignon. There are more than 100 theaters in the city, and since 1947 the city has hosted one of the world’s most important cultural events, coined as the Avignon Theater Festival (Festival d’Avignon). So if you appreciate a laid-back lifestyle and are a fan of art and beautiful architecture, a move to Avignon could be a hit.