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Luberon, France – the most interesting cities to move to

Provence has been attracting tourists for decades with its views, delicious cuisine, and unique climate. The charm of this region is so strong that a lot of people decide to settle here permanently. Some people choose to rent an apartment, while others decide to buy a property. The Luberon mountain massif is a frequent choice of those seeking a quiet and peaceful life, accompanied by amazing views. So, what are the most interesting cities to move to in Luberon?

Bonnieux as a city to move to

Bonnieux is a small, yet filled with wonderful charm, a town located in the Luberon massif. Its population at this point does not exceed 1,400 people, although counting with tourists the number would be much higher. Bonnieux is a fairly simple place in many respects. The main activity here is agriculture, and the crops grown are mostly lavender, cherries, grapes, and various types of vegetables. 

The architecture in Bonnieux is not really modern. Most people cherish long-standing traditions, living in mansions even dating back more than 100 years. Time seems to flow more slowly here, and life goes on at its own rhythm. Removal to Bonnieux is a good choice for people who want to get away from the ever-rushing world, experience the charm of living in a small town and admire the long-standing architecture every day.

Isle sur la Sorgue – a city by the water

When talking about moving to Luberon, you can’t leave out Isle Sur la Sorgue. It is a city beloved by tourists, also known as the Provençal Venice. The name comes from the fact that, like in Venice, a river – the Sorgue – flows through Isle Sur la Sorgue. Formerly a settlement of fishermen, the town is now very diverse in its professions.

Isle Sur la Sorgue is a paradise for antique lovers. There are more than 300 antique shops in the town alone, attracting hundreds of tourists from all over the world every year. Sundays and Thursdays are shopping days, during which you can buy virtually anything at the local markets. On weekends, the city is bustling with activity, and for this reason is perfect for young, sociable souls. Aside from the amazing market, Isle Sur la Sorgue is a beautiful town without any major landmarks. Moving here is a great idea for anyone who dreams of typical city life – with the bonus of the Sorgue River.

Gordes – an icon of Provence

Gordes is one of those places that many people want to see during their trip to Provence. Although it is closer to a village than a town, it could not be missing from our list. Gordes is rather small but offers many interesting places to see. Even a simple stroll through its streets is an attraction in itself. Narrow cobblestone paths, stone houses varying in shape and size, and dozens of charming stores are just some of the sights Gordes offers us. 

Reaching a vantage point high above the town, we gain the opportunity to admire the buildings and the stunning Luberon Regional Natural Park from above. In the evening, when the street lamps are lit, the view can be breathtaking. Numerous monuments, excellent restaurants, and plenty of attractions – you’ll find it all in Gordes. Moving here is a good idea in fact for everyone – there is something for everyone here.