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How to prepare your house for sale?

| Monika Kraska |

Every removal is, in a sense, leaving the past behind. Sometimes we leave our family nest, and sometimes we leave our own house, which we have to do something with. Selling a house is no small undertaking, which requires the owner to take many steps to make the whole thing successful. How to prepare a house for sale? We’ll give you a hint!

Selling a house: The first impression

The first impression often has a huge impact on how the story goes on – whether it concerning human relations or the sale of a house. While owners generally care about how the interior will turn out, they forget that the exterior is just as important, and it often defines the finale of the entire transaction – after all, potential buyers see the property and building first, not the living room and bedroom.

Depending on the season, we can do some simple work to make the exterior of our property more attractive. In spring and summer, it’s a good idea to trim the lawn and take care of any shrubs and plants on the property. Autumn is the time when it’s a good idea to remember to rake leaves regularly and in winter – to remove snow.

Selling a house: Tidy up and make minor repairs

Whether you are selling an old house decorated in the style of the 1960s or a luxury villa, the rule is one – an attractive interior is a clean interior. While this seems obvious, not everyone knows it. Unfortunately, dirty dishes in the sink, an unmade bed, or cluttered shelves are a common sight on advertising portals – a sight that effectively deters potential buyers.

To attract a customer to buy your property, it is essential to take care of its proper presentation. Do a general cleanup, carry out minor repairs, and get rid of unnecessary items. It is also important to depersonalize the space – the buyer should feel completely neutral in your home. Remove all photos and personal memorabilia from view.

Selling a house: Home staging

Home staging involves highlighting interiors in a way that makes them as attractive as possible to viewers. For example, furniture in the living room can be arranged to create a place that encourages conversation, and in the kitchen, you can arrange a cozy breakfast nook. The best real estate agencies use an interesting trick that significantly increases the percentage chance of a sale. We are talking about the smell – affecting all the senses can work wonders. Before presenting the house, be sure to spray the rooms with an air freshener or light a scented candle – viewers will be positively surprised.