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Frequently asked questions about Dresden in Germany

Frequwntly asked questions about Dresden

What are the costs of living in Dresden?

Basic utilities (water, electricity, heating, cooling and rubbish collection) for an 85m² flat in Dresden cost approximately 232 € per month. Monthly costs for a rent-free family of 4 are estimated at €2,464 (figures from May 2019). Monthly expenses for a single person living in Dresden are around 728 €. For an expat new to the area, it is required that you have lived in the country for at least a year before you can qualify for a credit card with some banks and credit cooperatives.

Is Dresden a good place to invest in real estate?

Research by Postbank has shown that in terms of expected growth in property values up to 2030, the city ranks second only to Munich, making it one of the best cities to invest in real estate in Germany.

Is Dresden a good place to start a family?

Life in Dresden is characterised by its high quality. With over 60% forest and green space coverage, the city is one of the greenest areas in Europe. The well-developed transport sector, with three motorways and a reliable international airport, benefits not only the economy but also the residents and tourists visiting the city. In addition, the schools are good, the social life is of a high standard and the cost of living is lower than in other German cities such as Berlin.